AMA Tips from The Sparrow: Duhamel & Hopper

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Known only to us as “The Sparrow“, we just got some tips from our insider in the AMA. The Sparrow goes on to tell us that rumors of Miguel Duhamel making a return to AMA racing at Fontana are untrue, and the actual rider listed as “TBA” is instead Tyler Odom. The Sparrow also goes on to say that John Hopkins has been incredibly unhappy with the performance of his GSX-R1000, faulting the motor as having less power than the rest of the field. While indications seem to suggest that’s not the case, Yoshimura has put together a new lump for Hopper that looks to have plenty of juice, but will it pass scrutineering after the races? Continue reading for the full report from The Sparrow.

According to The Sparrow, it would seem Hopper is not only unhappy about his performance, but also about his pecking order in the team. “Hopper’s a little upset that his bike isn’t as fast as the other GSXR’s,” The Sparrow writes us. “He claimed something was wrong with the engine but they couldn’t find anything on tear-down, gave him a freshie and he still came in angry. Apparently he’s even more upset that it wasn’t about him and John Ulrich’s guys spent all their effort on Cardenas and Eslick.”

However John Hopkins should be pleased with his next performance at Fontana, California as Yoshimura has put together a new motor for Hopper, but it would seem The Sparrow is cautious that the engine will pass through scrutnieering saying, “I saw the dyno on Hoppers new Yosh motor. Look for him to come out swinging at Fontana. See if he makes it through post, though.”

With AMA Superbike making at stop in Fontana the weekend of March 27th, there’s a TBA rider on the entry sheet. While many have speculated as to whom this mystery rider could be, The Sparrow says definitely, “people are trying to hype the ‘TBA’ bike @ Fontana as Duhamel, but its actually Tyler Odom.”

That seems to be it from The Sparrow for now, will these rumors continue his 100% accurate scorecard so far? Only time will tell. Do you have a tip for A&R? Send it to us here.

Source: The Sparrow