Source Says New Suzuki GSX-R600 in 2019

03/30/2017 @ 12:28 pm, by Jensen Beeler22 COMMENTS

Two weeks ago we shared with you a report done by Australian Motorcycle News, which said that we would see a new GSX-R750 in the next two model years, but the report also suggested that the GSX-R600 would not see an update in that same timeframe.

That caught one of our Bothan spies a bit off-guard, as they are certainly someone who would know the real story and AMCN’s article didn’t jive, so they reached out to our Two Enthusiasts Podcast to give us the scoop, and correct the news (listen to that segment of the show, here).

As such in Episode 48 then, Quentin set the record straight and broke some industry news, saying that we would see an all-new 2019 Suzuki GSX-R600, with Suzuki’s team in Hamamatsu showing commitment to the supersport market.

Details are of course thin at the moment, though we can expect the new Suzuki GSX-R600 to follow the industry trend and incorporate traction control, ride-by-wire, and ABS brakes on its supersport design.

Suzuki might have some surprises for the supersport market though, and our wish list would include more advanced electronics than what we have seen in the 600cc space so far.

We imagine that the first manufacturer to bring a superbike-bred IMU electronics package to the 600cc space would clean-up in sales…just saying.

Two years is a long time to wait to see the new GSX-R600, hopefully we will have more updates before the 2019 model year is upon us.

Source: Bothan Spies

  • Hope this news is true! We need more 600 cc sportbikes. A 1000 cc can sometimes be a tad too much for everyday usability.

  • AlaskanLaw

    Good for Suzuki! This may be promising. I’m sure a an updated GSX would like visually exciting & amazing, like their current bikes do.

    On the other hand, I’m sure in 2019 Honda will still be re-issuing the CBR600RR, assuming Honda has a 600cc bike at all, which was last updated in 2013. Maybe they could at least bring back the tricolor paint scheme. But I’m not holding my breath…

    Honda racing should change their racing motto from “One Heart” to “One Yawn.”

  • spamtasticus

    That is a picture of my first sports bike. In all it’s Gloriously pink and heavy glory.

  • I want the purple/pink color schemes back…so…bad.

  • Mak Kah Heng

    My first sports bike was a 750cc oil cooled gixxer too, model J, 1989.
    Oh how much fun we had together, those glorious days….Thank you Suzuki.

  • spamtasticus

    Mine was the first water cooled 750. The heaviest and pinkest ever made.

  • pidgin

    Good, so there’s a chance they’ll update their dinosaur DR650 and DRZ400 in 2018?

  • darren636

    if it’s viable , fine

    i really want a little, lightweight 400 cc
    like they used to make .

  • darren636

    my zxr750 was black pink and purple.

    never quite felt…. right

  • awwshucks

    Turbo it. Seriously, put a little turbo on a 600cc scalpel and give it some liter bike performance. You already have to spool up the revs to get performance out of them, so turbo lag should be a non-issue. And they were already developing the tech on the recursion concept…

  • Superlight

    I agree, but bikes like the GSX-R and R6 are ill-suited for street use, as their engines are too top-end biased, sacrificing mid-range torque for big HP numbers at high RPMs. Good for track days though.
    Better for the street are bikes like the new Ducati Supersport, which trades big HP for mid-range torque and adds reasonable ergonomics.

  • Superlight

    Your local body shop can satisfy that illness.

  • Superlight

    Good idea, except once you upgrade the frame/brakes/wheels/tires etc. to handle liter-class power most of the weight advantage could be lost.

  • Apropos @disqus_oo9N9HVCG3:disqus

    IMO, motorcycles like the Suzuki Bandit 1200 / Ducati Supersport offer the ideal mix of both worlds with a lively power delivery.

  • awwshucks

    For the love of god, fuel inject the DRZ already.

  • Andre Capitao Melo

    And you end up with a larger, heavier bike…

  • Brett Lewis

    I’m thinking a fresh 450 or 500 could replace both. I don’t know why a totally new bike wouldn’t sell as many as the 2 old bikes combined, plus some.

  • Brett Lewis

    I had nearly forgotten that the GSX-R1000 now features a centrifugal VVT system, the 600/750 should get that too…?

  • pidgin

    Well its clear suzuki is worried they wouldn’t sell any of their other bikes if they released this :D

    According to dirtbikemagazine there are hardcore dual sports in the works in japan but thats probably just made up.

  • darren636

    it was very warm and sunny here at the weekend.

    nearly all the bikes i saw were 600’s.

    interesting that.

  • darren636

    yes but the great old colour schemes don’t quite gel with modern bike lines.

    the reggiani aprilia rs250 is a beauty.

  • Fivespeed 302

    I still see more 600’s than 1000’s too. My bet is they are cheaper on the used market and insurance is less as well. Although I own a liter bike, I never look down on someone for riding a 600. In fact, I’m probably drooling as long as it isn’t all clapped out and laid down multiple times.