Honda CBR250RR To Debut Next Week?

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The reliable Indonesian news source TMC Blog is reporting that the 2017 Honda CBR250RR could debut next Monday. The news stems from Astra Honda Motor, the importer for Honda motorcycles in Indonesia, which sent out a press invite for a new Honda model that is to debut.

While an announcement like that could mean almost anything, the fact that Astra Honda Motor posted a teaser video of the Honda CBR250RR last week though gives us a pretty good hint as what to expect next week from Big Red.

TMC Blog reports that the Honda CBR250RR will sell for 60 million Indonesian rupiah, which at the current exchange rate is roughly $4,500 USD.

That figure bodes well against the Honda CBR250R’s $4,200 price tag, though we should warn against making too large of an assumption on pricing based solely on currency conversion rates.

We would expect to see the “RR” version of the baby CBR to command a fair premium over its “R” siblings, regardless of whether the CBR250R and CBR300R remain in Honda’s lineup.

To that end, it’s expected that the Honda CBR250RR will be for the ASEAN market, with a larger, possibly 350cc version, debuting later this year for the European and American markets.

Of course, that’s just speculation at this point. More shall be revealed next week…hopefully.

Source: TMC Blog