2010 Aprilia Dorsoduro Factory Unveiling at Milan?

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The sometimes reliable MCN is reporting that they have information that Aprilia will be launching a Factory version of their Dorsoduro street-tard at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan in two weeks time. Also expected at EICMA is a revised version of the Aprilia Shiver.

While actual details are sparce, if true this rumor pretty much writes itself. The 2010 Aprilia Dorsoduro Factory, like the rest of its Factory kin, would get upgraded performance parts in the way of suspension, brakes, and carbon fiber bits., which will set it apart from the current model (photo above).

Meanwhile the 2010 Aprilia Shiver is supposedly getting some modifications to make it more “economical”, but still very close to the current model, which is deliciously vague.

We’ll know what this all means very soon, as Asphalt & Rubber is already packing its bags to fly out to Milan for the EICMA show. More on this when we get it from the source.

Source:  MCN