Yamaha Recalls 54,000 YZF-R6 Motorcycles

08/09/2010 @ 6:51 pm, by Jensen Beeler7 COMMENTS

Someone better check the tape measures at Yamaha Motors as the tuning fork brand is having to recall 54,000 YZF-R6 motorcycles built between 2005 & 2010. The recall centers around the mounting of the frontside reflectors (you know, the pieces of plastic that most riders take off before they even leave the dealership), which were not mounted high enough (about 1″ too low) at the factory, and thus fail to meet DOT spec.

The front side reflectors fail to comply with requirements as mandated by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 108, “Lamps, Reflective Devices, and Associated Equipment,” and as such may fail to properly illuminate the motorcycle at night, which could result in an accident.

Yamaha will be starting the recall on or around August 11th of this month, and will notify affected owners. The recall will be done free of charge, and dealers will properly install the reflectors at the correct height. Concerned R6 owners can contact Yamaha at 1-800-962-7926, and as always can reach the NHTSA at safecar.gov.

Source: NHTSA

  • CBR600RR 09

    Really a negligable defect. Most bike owners probably wouldn’t even take there bikes back for the time it would waste.

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  • Serge

    I agree, waste of time.

  • Jake Fox

    I’d like to know how this mistake was discovered. The push behind recalls is often an incident where the defect played a role in an accident or mechanical failure. Is there someone out there who was in an accident and said, “Man, I bet that car would have seen me if only my fork reflectors were a little higher!”

  • Random

    Hey Jake, take look at the article, the items recalled were the “frontside reflectors”, the little yellow thingies that are mounted on the fork. Probably only worth someting in intersections (and to screw side photos).

  • Random

    Oops, i realized you’ve already noticed it. My bad.

  • NosKidd

    Sarcasm???? Or a sincere apology???