Triumph is recalling 10,366 units of its 2006-2009 S Street Triple, Street Triple R, and Daytona 675 motorcycles for a faulty regulator/rectifier, which can overheat and prevent the motorcycle from charging properly, or at all. With the electrical system not charging the battery, the battery could fully discharge, and ultimately stall the motorcycle. As such, there is a risk of a crash and personal injury to the rider and/or passengers should the motorcycle stall because of the discharged battery.

Triumph will notify affected owners, and Triumph dealers will inspect and replace the regulator/rectifier free of charge. Triumph has not provided notification schedule at this time, but concerned Triumph owners may contact the Triumph customer service department at 1-678-854-2010. As always the NHTSA is available at 1-888-327-4236 and

Source: NHTSA

  • jmz

    Great, I’ve already spent a fortune on R/Rs for a Daytona 675 because my bike is out of warranty, and they keep frying. Someone must have really pushed this, because Triumph has managed to keep other bigger safety issues non-recall (they had a decent batch of bikes with shift fork failures, and they replaced them under a “secret” recall if you brought it up).

  • Karl

    Agree with Jmz.
    My 2008 fried it’s R/R two years ago while coming down a long switchback on a mountain. I’d be surprised if many of the early bikes still have an original R/R. Upgraded mine since original was resistive bleed off design that was pretty much destined to keep failing.

  • Luke

    Finally! I’ve replaced my R/R twice now, with some scary moments on busy highways without engine power to show for it. If only they did this 2 months earlier, it would have saved me a ton of money :(

  • FrankThaTank

    I agree with everybody. I swear everybody with one of these bikes has had to deal with this problem. It’s truely sad that it took triumph this long to finally fess up to it. I too had two r/r’s replaced.

  • pete

    and this is why i will never buy a triumph again

  • john tomascheski

    Why pick on triumph and not the other manufacturers like aprilia/guzzi? aprilia owners have been fighting this for years. attempts have been made to get them to pay for recalls but no results. I guess it depends on how deep your pockets are.

  • DeanW

    A known issue and good they’re doing something about it. Glad they waited until they have a known good unit to fit as well instead of just doing it and having the same issue in a couple of years time!
    My ’06 Daytona is still on its original R/R and have the new unit waiting at home.

  • jack

    Unfortunately Triumph is not the only one with recall issues. Every manufacturer has done the same, there is not one exception. The industry really needs to police itself better than this.

  • Anvil

    It’s long overdue. Triumph has been covering the repairs for even out-of-warranty bikes for a couple of years now, but it’s a potentially very dangerous situation.

    I’m on my third R/R, too. Fortunately it’s the latest upgrade, so I’m hoping the failures are a thing of the past. Cost me a fortune, too, even though Triumph covered the parts and labor. I had to pay to have the bike transported twice and it ruined a few of riding excursions.

    If you’re a Daytona/ST 675 owner and you’ve had an R/R failure, make sure they check the stator. Mine got progressively fried through the two failures and even though it tested okay, it eventually failed, causing more expense and hassle. Have someone pull the cover off and actually look at it. Triumph covered the cost of the part, even though the bike was long out of warranty, but I had to pay for labor.

    Absolutely love my Daytona. Best bike I’ve ever owned or ridden but this problem nearly ruined my experience. Nothing else has ever gone wrong with it.

    This isn’t just a Triumph problem, though. Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Ducati and others have had similar issues with R/Rs on several different models. My buddy’s Duc GT 1000 has the damn thing mounted under the seat, where it was sure to overheat and fail. Sure enough, it did.

  • Thank god I’m not the only one, I’m on my 3rd one. Yah seriously the expense and time taken out of my life for this issue, f. Ill never get it back, love my bike tho, but yah like another said Ill prob not buy another triumph after all this mess. Worst feeling after the shit happens to u, then happens again and ur riden, and u second guess taking a long ride and shit, wrryen it will f up again. AHHHH DAMMIT TRIUMPH thanks for the best first moto experience.

  • Jason

    If we have already replaced our R/R is there any recourse for the money spent?

    Secondly, I replaced mine for a Honda one but now my battery is draining when turned off..someone suggested this could be the stator, which could be fried as someone mentioned above.. I will ask Triumph to check and consider replacement.

  • Oladiran

    I have a Triumph here in Nigeria……beautiful piece of work….but of course,the stator got fried….i think it also affected my ECU (brainbox)…I’m on the 2nd one as well……May i know how i’ll got about this recall process from here?

    Thanks alot.