“Stop Sale & Stop Ride” Issued for the Polaris Slingshot

01/17/2015 @ 10:22 am, by Jensen Beeler13 COMMENTS


Polaris Slingshot owners should take note, as Polaris Industries issued a “Stop Sale & Stop Ride” this week for two issues found on the Slingshot.

As the name implies, this special recall advises all Slingshot owners to stop riding their three-wheelers, and all Slingshot dealers to stop selling the vehicles, until the two issues are resolved.

The first issue involves the ball bearings on the steering rack, which have been deemed faulty by Polaris. It’s been determined that because of the faulty ball bearings on the Slingshot, the steering system could fail, resulting in an unexpected total loss of steering.

The second issue involves the roll hoops over the driver and passenger seats on the Slingshot. Polaris was advised by a parts supplier that some of the hoops used are not up to the performance specs provided by Polaris, and therefore may not protect the driver and passenger adequately in the event of a crash.

Dealers will be able to order replacement parts for affected Slingshots starting January 22nd. They will remedy both recall issues, free of charge, according to a Polaris memo.

Source: Polaris via Slingshot Forums

  • KSW

    Interesting recall and the only place I’ve seen it pop up this morning.

    In looking into production in China for a metal based product a few/several years ago now I recall and have often mentioned to others that the quality of metals are hit and miss. Some metals are just too high in carbon or other waste materials which in the end puts all required stress/fracture/life span of said metals out the window.

    Not at all a fan of the Sling Shot or the snowmobiles with wheels and would rather they just get on with and either create a “leaning” three wheeler or stop selling snowmobiles with wheels.

  • Piglet2010

    Sorry, but if it has a chair like seat(s) and a steering wheel, it is a car one drives and not something one rides, no matter what regulatory loophole it slips through.

  • zipidachimp

    Yup, a modern Morgan 3-wheeler !

  • Piglet2010

    This has 3-wheels, but would anyone consider it a motorcycle?


  • David

    I just saw one of these on the road sunday after reading this.

    I tried running them down and tell them about the recall. My small town has about 6 traffic lights through town.

    We made every damn light green. I couldn’t believe it.

    I managed to get next to them as we approached one light and I yelled out(several times) that there was a major recall.

    Was a really old fart driving it and he just looked at me and smiled and waved.

    He must have thought I was just excited about his new ride. LOL Still had dealer tag on it.

    I hope he made it home okay.

  • David

    Oh…and this.

    It’s about 16 miles to the next town so I turned around and came back. As I came back through town there was a RC51 sitting at a gas station and the guy was standing taking a break.

    I own the same back. Don’t see these very often so I turned around and said hello and we talked a bit about the bike.

    I told him about the Polaris story that just happened.

    He was going that direction and said he would tell them if he came upon them.

    Was kind of an unusual morning Sunday. lol

  • Bob

    There was a recall a while ago from Aston Martin. They had a recall on their inner door handles for their DB9 and Vantage models. Aston had the handles made in China.
    After some intense research, they found why the handles where breaking. They had contracted a plastics manufacturer, in China, to make the handles. That manufacturer then went to another, cheaper manufacturer, down the road, to make the handles. That manufacturer then went to someone else, that was even cheaper, yet again. So, Aston Martin found out that they had entrusted one company to make them, but they sourced their own supplier, who then sourced their own supplier. Aston found out that the third and final Chinese manufacturer was buying raw plastic pellets in bags from a street vendor in China’s plastic manufacturing sector, which they used for the material for the handles. It was the cheapest type of plastic available to use. Aston had an agreement with their original supplier to use a specific type of DuPont plastic. Once Aston had discovered this dirty little web, they also found out that due to Chinese law, they couldn’t sue. So, Aston Martin announced that they would kill all of their Chinese supplier deals and not have anything made in China, until further notice.
    Any company is susceptible to this multi-sourcing that takes place behind their backs, when they deal with Chinese suppliers. They can’t track where anything is actually coming from. If the brand doesn’t have people on the ground, in China, watching over their shoulders, the brand has no idea what’s actually going on. When something like this happens, there is nothing they can do. The Chinese supplier either disappears, or they are simply not held responsible.

  • @Bob

    Thank you for the lucid explanation. It’s truly a scary proposition to entrust Chinese manufacturers.

    One want’s to believe in the power of Globalization and then something like this pops up on the radar.

    IMHO, Automobiles like the Slingshot and X-bow make you feel the real connect between man and machine.

  • Phouha

    Why go for the cheeeeeap imitations when Morgan still builds a fantastic 3wheeler with over 100 years of Sports car, cyclecar history and manufacturing prowess. The poor sling shot looks like it was designed for the Transformer movie.

  • David, your story is pretty much what makes running A&R an enjoyable experience for me. Thanks!

  • Mxs

    They should stop selling them for the inherently wrong three wheel design, rather than faulty ball bearings …. One day the electric gizmos which this car is full off to keep it on the road, will fail and someone will get hurt.

  • MississippiRick

    Well, its a motorcycle and legal to drive (or ride) here in Mississippi, that’s all I care about…

  • MississippiRick

    The Morgan does not even come anywhere close to the performance and thrill fun of the Slingshot…