“Stop Sale & Stop Ride” Issued for the Polaris Slingshot

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Polaris Slingshot owners should take note, as Polaris Industries issued a “Stop Sale & Stop Ride” this week for two issues found on the Slingshot.

As the name implies, this special recall advises all Slingshot owners to stop riding their three-wheelers, and all Slingshot dealers to stop selling the vehicles, until the two issues are resolved.

The first issue involves the ball bearings on the steering rack, which have been deemed faulty by Polaris. It’s been determined that because of the faulty ball bearings on the Slingshot, the steering system could fail, resulting in an unexpected total loss of steering.

The second issue involves the roll hoops over the driver and passenger seats on the Slingshot. Polaris was advised by a parts supplier that some of the hoops used are not up to the performance specs provided by Polaris, and therefore may not protect the driver and passenger adequately in the event of a crash.

Dealers will be able to order replacement parts for affected Slingshots starting January 22nd. They will remedy both recall issues, free of charge, according to a Polaris memo.

Source: Polaris via Slingshot Forums