Recall: Ducati Multistrada 1200 & Ducati Diavel

04/29/2011 @ 2:28 pm, by Jensen Beeler7 COMMENTS

Here’s a type of recall that we’ll begin to see more of in the coming years, Ducati North America is recalling 1,051 Diavel and Multistrada 1200 motorcycles because of a faulty software issue. A certain version of the hands free software package may cause the electronic steering lock to fail to disable during the “key on” process.

The result is that a rider would be unable to move their motorcycle, at least not beyond a small radial path. In the eyes of the NHTSA though, this could mean that a rider could start the motorcycle and attempt to ride off, and then realize they lack the ability to steer (read: not good). While the safety issue here seems fairly benign, the idea that one couldn’t get their bike moving because a 0 should be a 1 would be fairly frustrating to us if we were owners of either machine, hence the recall.

Accordingly Ducati will crtl+alt+del you out of screensaver mode and update the software to fix the problem free of charge. Affected owners will have to take their Ducati Multistrada or Ducati Diavel into an authorized Ducati dealer for the recall, which should begin in May 2011. Concerned owners may contact Ducati North America at 1-800-231-6696, and as always the NHTSA is available at 1-888-327-4236 and

Source: NHTSA

  • Keith

    heh and people wonder why I’d rather not have all that electronic folderol…hmph. case in point, there have been recall for other cases of bad software in the past also.

    ABS is not hardwired people it’s software…now you wanna trust them wonder brakes again? not me.

  • With reasoning like that Keith, it’s a miracle you ride a motorcycle in the first place. Pistons misfiring, hydraulics leaking, chains snapping…let’s not forget that you’ve got four gallons or so of highly flammable liquid sitting between your legs.

    Everyone is much better off riding a horse, right? None of the above mentioned problems. Well…except you have to feed it constantly or it’ll die, they get sick, and sometimes they run away. People are probably just better off walking then…well you get the point.

    It’s these sort of comments that sort of just solidify the fact in my mind that some motorcyclists are just afraid of the things they don’t understand. Electronic issues are fundamentally no different than mechanical issues, but if you look at the general riding demographic, the majority of riders didn’t grow up around personal computers, cell phones, and this crazy fad called the internet.

    The fact is modern technology makes motorcycles safer. ABS is actually a great example, and if you think that having an anti-lock braking system failing is a dangerous thing, then you must agree with me too, since those systems are designed to act like a standard braking system in such an event. There’s a circular argument there somewhere.

  • Andrew

    I sort of see both sides of the argument. I do like ABS for example, but I also resist attempts to push electronics and software solutions where they don’t add any noticeable value – Multistrada’s keyless ignition is a perfect example of that: it adds all sorts of complexity in order to answer the question nobody asked in the first place.

    The issue is not that I don’t understand all that modern technology. I developed software for the living at one point, that’s why I know that complexity breeds problems, no matter how careful the development.

    What’s more all that complexity does nothing to remove the problems with ‘pistons misfiring, hydraulics leaking and chains snapping’… all that mechanical stuff is still there. We are not addressing those issues at all, we are just adding ANOTHER set of potential problems… often to add features of dubious use, demanded by marketing rather than any technical need.

  • Westward

    Yeah, what you said Beeler… You should blog here more often… = )

  • 76

    Electronics I like on a bike:
    Data Acquisition
    Fuel mapping
    Lap timer
    Rev Limiter
    Anti Wheelie (with an off button)
    & maybe throttle but never tried and the cable sure does work

    Electronics I dont:
    The rest, because there is even more to break replace or go wrong and makes the experience more and more sterile with each move towards.

  • Shaitan

    Software BAD! I’ve never ridden a software-enhanced bike — at least to my knowledge — aside from the occasional demo ride. While I think that software can definitely improve performance on the track (and that’s awesome), for those of us who ride DAILY, the standard mechanical and electrical issues alone are plenty to deal with. A totally software-infused bike is really cool for those with the dough to keep it running, but not at the added risk to my safety or daily usage. I’ve never needed ABS, traction control or even EFI…all nice but not vital.

  • Westward, blogging is overrated.