Recall: Ducati Multistrada 1200 & Ducati Diavel

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Here’s a type of recall that we’ll begin to see more of in the coming years, Ducati North America is recalling 1,051 Diavel and Multistrada 1200 motorcycles because of a faulty software issue. A certain version of the hands free software package may cause the electronic steering lock to fail to disable during the “key on” process.

The result is that a rider would be unable to move their motorcycle, at least not beyond a small radial path. In the eyes of the NHTSA though, this could mean that a rider could start the motorcycle and attempt to ride off, and then realize they lack the ability to steer (read: not good). While the safety issue here seems fairly benign, the idea that one couldn’t get their bike moving because a 0 should be a 1 would be fairly frustrating to us if we were owners of either machine, hence the recall.

Accordingly Ducati will crtl+alt+del you out of screensaver mode and update the software to fix the problem free of charge. Affected owners will have to take their Ducati Multistrada or Ducati Diavel into an authorized Ducati dealer for the recall, which should begin in May 2011. Concerned owners may contact Ducati North America at 1-800-231-6696, and as always the NHTSA is available at 1-888-327-4236 and

Source: NHTSA