Recall: 2010 Harley-Davidson Dyna Fat Bob

07/29/2010 @ 10:32 am, by Jensen Beeler6 COMMENTS

Harley-Davidson is recalling a handful of 2010 Dyna Fat Bob (FXDF) motorcycles because the wrong fork springs were installed in the fork tubes. Affecting only bikes made in February of this year, Harley-Davidson will be recalling only 70 motorcycles in total.

The incorrectly assembled forks could cause reduced suspension effectiveness on the road, and improper lean angles when parking the hog. Reading in-between the lines on this notice, you can only help but feel there’s a new guy working in the mail room.

Harley-Davidson will notify the affected owners and HD dealers will fix the problem free of charge. The recall should be under way already, but concerned owners can call Harley-Davidson at 1-414-343-4056. As always the faithful NHTSA is available at

Source: NHTSA

  • That is one ugly bike.

    They should recall them all and crush them.

  • Hogtied

    They only sold 70 in February?

  • e6

    Bikes are about design, about craftsmanship, and about function that guide the design of these provocative objects of great beauty and imagination. What went wrong this Harley? There’s not one even one piece of detail that’s sexy on this YETI. Clearly, they need to fire all the designers who worked on this bike. My 5 speed Huffy looks nicer and that’s a POS.

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  • buellracerx

    and yet they sell thousands of them every year. huh.

    I’ll give it to you, the fat bob isn’t exactly my cup of tea, but as far as function and especially craftsmanship go, I would challenge you to find another offering at a similar price with similar standards.

    Then again, if you blindly oppose H-D, you’ve got a ready-made set of sheep…er…friends who’ll back u up.

  • BikePilot

    Wait, cruisers have effective suspension?

    Re quality etc, HD’s have really exceptional surface finishes on their machines, haven’t seen anything else impressive about them though.