Harley-Davidson Recalls 250,000 Motorcycles

10/27/2011 @ 10:45 am, by Jensen Beeler15 COMMENTS

Harley-Davidson has issued a massive recall with the National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) all because of a faulty rear brake light switch. Affecting 250,757 units in all, the recall is for certain 2009-2012 Harley Davidson Touring, CVO Touring, and Trike motorcycles (full list after the jump). Because of excessive heat caused by the exhaust system, the rear brake light switch on these motorcycles might not activate when the brakes are engaged, or conversely may activate when no braking is occurring.

Harley-Davidson is also disclosing that the issue may cause brake fluid to leak at the brake light switch, which could affect the rear brake’s performance. With both issues apt to cause an accident, all 250,757 bikes are being recalled. The recall is expected to start October 31, 2011, and Harley-Davidson will contact affected owners and replace the brake light switch free of charge. Concerned Harley owners can contact the Milwaukee company at 1-414-343-4056, and as always the NHTSA is available at 1-888-327-4236 & safercar.gov.

Vehicle Make / Model: Model Year(s):
     H-D / FLHP 2009-2012
     H-D / FLHPE 2009-2011
     H-D / FLHR 2009-2012
     H-D / FLHRC 2009-2012
     H-D / FLHT 2009-2010
     H-D / FLHTC 2009-2012
     H-D / FLHTCU 2009-2012
     H-D / FLHTCUSE4 2009
     H-D / FLHTCUSE5 2010
     H-D / FLHTCUSE6 2011
     H-D / FLHTCUSE7 2012
     H-D / FLHTCUTG 2009-2012
     H-D / FLHTK 2010-2012
     H-D / FLHTP 2009-2012
     H-D / FLHX 2009-2012
     H-D / FLHXSE 2010
     H-D / FLHXSE2 2011
     H-D / FLHXSE3 2012
     H-D / FLHXXX 2011
     H-D / FLTR 2009
     H-D / FLTRSE3 2009
     H-D / FLTRU 2010-2012
     H-D / FLTRUSE 2011
     H-D / FLTRX 2010-2012
     H-D / FLTRXSE 2012

Source: NHTSA

  • MrFancyPants

    good thing they had the recent rise in sales

  • Matt

    Those are the most expensive ones too. $30,000-$37,000 !

  • irksome

    Could there be a correlation between these bikes being produced during the years HD has been eliminating union workers in favor of $17 an hr “casual” (THEIR word) workers with zero benefits?

    Beats me!

  • Other Sean

    That’ll cut into those recent mild profits!

  • Tyler

    It seems more like an issue of where the brake switch is located. Not who is installing them.

  • Richard Gozinya

    You know, if they ditched that ridiculous fairing and front fender, as well as that eye destroying yellow, that bike wouldn’t look half bad.

  • Woody

    The recall probably never would have happened if it was the front brake having all these issues. No one would even notice.

  • MrFancyPants

    @Woody +1

  • buellracerx

    hahaha @Woody +1. made my day

    @irksome – sounds the issue is intrinsic in the design, something that wasn’t caught in durability testing. though I’m sure your comment was based on factual, objective experience

  • 305ed

    @ Woody

    Dual Brembos clamping down on 300mm discs. You are kidding, right? Harley baggers stop as good or better than their competition/imitators.

  • FLABueller

    @ 305ed

    Duck here comes another one………..

  • Ben Outriden


    I think your onto something…..

  • Bob

    Yeah, 305 completely missed the joke.

    Now, I need to call my dad since he has a 2011 bagger.

  • Damo

    Harley’s stopping well? That was the joke right? ;)

  • Neil

    Heard it also happens on certain models when it rains…..HD=junk….lol….