BMW R1200RT Suspension Fiasco to Conclude This Month

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It was only a few months ago, June 6th to be precise, that BMW Motorrad advised owners of the new liquid-cooled BMW R1200RT, who had the optional Dynamic ESA suspension package equipped, to stop riding their motorcycles until a solution to a collapsing rear shock defect could be found.

Ultimately, BMW and its parts supplier decided to replace the rear shock entirely, recalling all the 8,000 units worldwide (950 of which are in the United States) — they made that announcement just a month ago, though have been giving R1200RT owners a varying number of other options as well.

For those R1200RT that elected not to have BMW Motorrad buyback their machines, riding should commence sometime this month. BMW Motorcycle Magazine is reporting that BMW Motorcycle dealers should have replacement shock absorbers in two weeks’ time, and thus be able to begin fixing affected machines.

If that timeframe holds true, it will make 11 weeks from the point BMW Motorrad advised owners to stop riding their machines to when those same customers could be back on the road, riding their R1200RT motorcycles as they intended.

To its credit, BMW Motorrad and its dealers have reportedly been bending over backwards to make 2014 BMW R1200RT owners happy throughout all of this, though perhaps lacking in public communication beyond the initial announcement.

What is perhaps more interesting though, is the complete lack of scrutiny from motorcycling’s established media. Have you seen a single other publication covering this story? Thank goodness for the folks at BMW Motorcycle Magazine for staying diligent.

Source: BMW Motorcycle Magazine

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