Things aren’t going so well for Zero Motorcycles, as the electric motorcycle manufacturer has submitted a second recall to the NHTSA, this one for the 2012 model line-up. Recalling 254 units because of insufficient weatherproofing, the motorcycles may be subject to an electrical short inside the battery management system (BMS) during wet conditions. A short-circuit could cause the electric motorcycle to cut power, which could potentially cause an accident (the recall notice from the NHTSA says nothing about possibility of electrocution).

The recall affects all of Zero Motorcycles’ 2012 models, which includes: the Zero S, Zero DS, Zero X, Zero XU, and the Zero XU-LSM. Zero will notify affected owners, and Zero dealers will repair the issue free of charge, with the recall expected to take place on, or near, July 16th. Concerned owners can contact Zero at 1-888-786-9376, and as always the NHTSA is available at 1-888-327-4236 and, reference NHTSA campaign #: 12V310000.

Source: NHTSA

  • frogy6

    That’s so ridiculous it’s funny

  • kevin

    Makes you wonder what type of testing was done during development.

  • protomech

    There’s no risk of electrocution because the potential short is not on the high-voltage battery, it is on a temperature sensor input to the battery management system. A short on that input causes an incorrect temperature reading and the bike disconnects the battery as a protective measure.

    The BMS board itself is sealed, but the temperature sensor input was not.

    My bike was affected by this a short time ago – the bike disabled power when I turned it on after it had been sitting in heavy rain. It was fine the next morning after drying, but Zero replaced the board with a correctly weatherproofed board. I imagine they’re doing the same for all owners now.

  • Brandon

    Those bikes are ugly. Why would anyone buy them, short range, amateur execution, ugly design.