For Hire.

02/02/2011 @ 8:06 am, by Jensen Beeler23 COMMENTS
  • Rob

    Spies needs to shave his head again, he looks ridiculous with that new hair. Sure hope he kicks the shit out of Lorezo this year

  • CodyGP

    Agreed. MotoGP riders have some of the WORST haircuts I’ve ever seen!!! Bautista, Simon, Rossi, Hayden… all of them need to spend alittle $$ and get a stylist already. And by stylist I dont’ mean some 110lbs gay dude from Milan.

    I’m also rooting for Spies as it looks that Rossi and Hayden will be tardy to the 2011 season.

    Good thing Jorge is going bald, atleast it gives him less room to look like an idiot.

  • F1

    ,, I guess it is fashionable to bash the #1 rider in the world today. Lorenzo is amazing talented and fast as F*ck (and he isn’t my favorite rider). He rode great with all the pressure in the world last year. This year, less pressure and no over-the- hill, past-his-prime, prima-dona egomaniac as a garage-mate. The bike never looked better and If Yamaha can give the team a lump that doesn’t wheeze after 2 races, then watch the repeat unfold.

  • DS

    Lorenzo’s font for his 1 (“JL”) can be interpreted as the number “11”. Foreshadowing for the current # 11?

  • I gotta agree, that hair does border on the Jersey look but then again, the shaved with size 1 clippers has pretty much been burnt out thanks to people with fat rolls at the base of their heads sporting it.

    OH the live of a rider, always trying to figure out what’s the best haircut to go for that’ll look good after wearing a helmet

  • Jimmy Midnight

    What pressure? Rossi broke his leg and Pedrosa broke his collar bone so there was no pressure. Repeat? HA! Not gonna happen. WhoreGay is a one hit wonder at best. When the Best riders are fully fit then the “B” team will have to move over.

  • RSVDan

    Are you guys seriously having an in-depth conversation regarding racer’s hairstyles??

  • Dan, are you seriously not?

  • Kevin

    JL can ride. He is the current world champ. No question about it… but the guy has his head stuck so far up his own arse it makes me want to puke. It would be hard not to have a bit of an ego doing what these guys do and with the fame and fortune, but this guy is just way over the top.

    GO BEN!

  • fazer6

    Now why oh why can’t Yammy sell a roadbike that looks even half as good?

  • Tyler Sanborn

    I, too, can’t pull hard enough for Jorge to fail in 2011… his riding is amazing, but his charsima is brutally lacking. Every sport needs superstars that not only win, but win-over the fans also (it’s called having “character”), and Jorge does not do the latter. For whatever reason, he is one of those athletes that everyone loves to hate (not because he is good, but instead because he needs to know that everyone else thinks he is the best).

    Sorry, not a likeable or admirable trait… Viva Rossi, Spies, Hayden, De Puniet, Elias, Simoncelli, Crutchlow, etc… those guys have loads of character, are great to watch, and even greater for the sport as a whole… ciao!

  • Clive Randall

    Agree with Fazer6 – where is the flow of Motogp tech in terms of style flowing to the road bikes???

    As for JL you guys have it all wrong, he will kick arse this year (he is also not my favorite but i don’t reckon he loses any sleep over what you guys think of his character), only guys to come close will be Casey and Ben, with Dani the dark horse. The rest will look like superstocks lead by Vale.

  • Baldy bonce

    i am better than all of them just give me a go and ill show you
    realy speaking just fancy a go thats all lol
    p.s will wear a wig if you want me too.

  • Shaitan

    Some people are really talking about haircuts? Who gives a sh** what they look like; these guys can ride their asses off, so they can wear their hair however they want. Dorks who can’t ride and have bad haircuts…now that’s worth chuckling at.

    I have my favorite riders, but really all I want is an awesomely competitive MotoGP season. :D

  • @Shaitan i’m sensing some jealousy here. when did you start balding? have you thought about medical alternatives?

  • wayne

    I’ve spent the off-season watching all of the 2009 races at and from what I’ve seen, like him or not, Jorge is fast. When he’s on form he’s hard to beat which he demonstrated in the 2010 season. As I recall, he bested Rossi in more than one race before the “break that was heard ’round the world.” Rossi may be the best ever, like him or not, but I can’t see him coming out on a bike he’s never ridden in a race before with a shoulder that is still just a bit touchy and laying waste to the field. As much as I would LOVE to see Ben completely dominate this year, I think it’s going to boil down to Lorenzo vs. Stoner. A healthy Stoner on a bike with (in his mind) a stable front end set-up should be something to see and I think it’s going to be a great year for us no matter who does the business–regardless of the vegomatic haircuts.

  • LutherG

    The leg was not VR’s biggest issue last season. The shoulder was severely damaged, and Dr. (get em on the track) Costas did not evaluate the extent of the shoulder damage. Its the primary reason for him (and pedrosa) fading in the final laps. On a flat track where the shoulder wasn’t so much of an issue, VL could still win.

    JL is a very good, very fast rider. He is, as many of the new racers now, boring as hell. Egomaniacs can be amusing and charming as well. Spies is dull as dishwater.

  • Steve

    OK, Yes. Whore Gay is an incredibly talented rider but there is much more to being a World Champion. He is a representative to the world and I would say he has much to learn about how he is perceived. Maybe Yamaha could send him to Charm School to bleed of some of his obnoxious arrogant egotism. Yes, he has talent, there’s no question about it, but I’m not willing to pay the price to acknowledge more than that. He reminds me of the “Little Prince” all dressed up standing in front of his thrown demanding all his subjects bow to him. The guy makes me sick and he will have to go a long way to earn the respect and admiration a world champion deserves. What a little turd.

  • Baldy bonce

    front resembles old thunderace colours dont help

  • Damo

    Marco Simoncelli has the best hairstyle in the grid…just saying.

  • hoyt

    fro sho’

  • Shaitan

    @ Balzaak – LOL! Not quite, since I have a full head of metalhead hair. I’m just saying, a racer’s haircut is the last thing I give a crap about.

  • Jorge is undeniably talented. I wonder if he’s that self-promoting, or just feeling his oats now that he’s out from under VR’s shadow. I know it must gall him to no end that they’re still scrambling for a primary sponsor while the Duc MGP team is having to turn away the Brink’s trucks at the back gate.

    I do suggest he may want to visit with one M Mladin about his new ‘Number Two’ teammate . . . . .