Yamaha Will Debut 2011 MotoGP Livery at Sepang Test

02/11/2011 @ 8:44 am, by Jensen Beeler7 COMMENTS

Yamaha Racing has just announced that it will debut its 2011 MotoGP team livery at the Sepang test on February 21st. Yamaha has been without a title sponsor since the departure of Valentino Rossi, as Italian car manufacturer Fiat dropped its support of the Japanese team when Rossi went to Ducati Corse for this upcoming season.

Despite having the reigning MotoGP World Champion Jorge Lorenzo, the 2010 MotoGP Rookie of the Year Ben Spies, and being the team to beat in 2011, Yamaha has reportedly struggled to find a title sponsor for the upcoming season, that is until now.

Testing under the standard Yamaha livery at Sepang earlier this month, Yamaha’s factory riders Jorge Lorenzo and Ben Spies have been doing a number of press events in southeast Asia. Rumors regarding the team’s title sponsor prospects have included Malaysian oil and gas company Petronas and Malaysian-based Air Asia Airlines.

Given the recent chain of events this month with Yamaha’s media events, with think some deduction could be done here as to whom the sponsors could be, but we’ll have to wait another two weeks to be certain.

Source: Yamaha Racing

  • RSVDan

    Glad to hear they have found something. That would have been a truly bad portent for the sport if the reigning team was unable to find sponsorship.

  • Tyler Sanborn

    I will assume Jorge’s bike will be adorned with lots of dark browns & grays, much like his personality.

  • Steve

    Good Tyler!…LOL!…..

  • irksome

    I’m thinking “Your Company Name Here”.

    Or “Post No Bills”.

  • I’ll say this again:

    While I certainly admire him, it’s been endless fun watching JL sweat after VR left. While Brinks trucks were backing up to the back gate at Ducati, the only logo on the M1’s were his new ‘JL1’. It must have galled him to no end that the $$$ out walked with VR . . . .

    I think he may be now between a rock and a hard place: He now has the place to himself, but . . .has he thought about talking to Mat Mladin about having a ‘rookie’ teammate? With a reinvigorated Stoner on the blossoming RCV, Ben on the full-tilt-factory M1, and Rossi developing the Duc with Nicky, and Furosawa-san gone fishing, it may certainly become lonely at the top.

  • sburns2421

    I’m thinking something like “50 years in GP, 49 with a sponsor”

  • Mustang

    FFS guys give it a rest!!