WSBK: Race Results for Race 2 at Phillip Island

02/23/2013 @ 9:15 pm, by Jensen Beeler23 COMMENTS


Race Results from World Superbike Race 2 at Phillip Island, Australia:

Pos. Rider Team Bike Time Diff.
1 Eugene Laverty Aprilia Racing Team Aprilia RSV4 Factory 33’45.938
2 Sylvain Guintoli Aprilia Racing Team Aprilia RSV4 Factory 33’46.356 -0.418
3 Marco Melandri BMW Motorrad GoldBet SBK BMW S1000 RR 33’47.320 -1.382
4 Michel Fabrizio Red Devils Roma Aprilia RSV4 Factory 33’48.220 -2.282
5 Tom Sykes Kawasaki Racing Team Kawasaki ZX-10R 33’57.483 -11.545
6 Davide Giugliano Althea Racing Aprilia RSV4 Factory 33’58.446 -12.508
7 Jules Cluzel Fixi Crescent Suzuki Suzuki GSX-R1000 34’03.268 -17.33
8 Jonathan Rea Pata Honda World Superbike Honda CBR1000RR 34’03.277 -17.339
9 Leon Camier Fixi Crescent Suzuki Suzuki GSX-R1000 34’05.824 -19.886
10 Leon Haslam Pata Honda World Superbike Honda CBR1000RR 34’05.934 -19.996
11 Max Neukirchner MR-Racing Ducati Panigale 1199 34’13.567 -27.629
12 Glen Allerton Next Gen Motorsports BMW S1000 RR 34’28.747 -42.809
13 Jamie Stauffer Team Honda Racing Honda CBR1000RR 34’28.831 -42.893
14 Federico Sandi Team Pedercini Kawasaki ZX-10R 34’30.837 -44.899
15 Alexander Lundh Team Pedercini Kawasaki ZX-10R 34’43.762 -57.824
16 Vittorio Iannuzzo Grillini Dentalmatic SBK BMW S1000 RR 35’08.512 -82.574
17 Chaz Davies BMW Motorrad GoldBet SBK BMW S1000 RR 34’08.663 1 Lap
RET Ivan Clementi HTM Racing BMW S1000 RR 17’14.862
RET Loris Baz Kawasaki Racing Team Kawasaki ZX-10R

Source: WorldSBK; Photo: Aprilia Racing

  • Motoguru

    Aprilia means business this year!!! As usual…

  • Kurt

    How is it Chaz Davies and Marco’s performances from Races 1 and 2 are such polar opposites? Come on BMW Riders… get your heads in the game. Would love to see a 1-2 punch in some more races this year, similar to last year.

  • j.davis

    Don’t blame Marco for his race 1 nonresult. He was taken down and out by Checa.

  • Gutterslob

    Good racing. Personally hope Sykes and the Pata Hondas mount a challenge this year, but it’ll be hard against factory supported teams.

    Am I the only one that hates those faux headlights on all the bikes?!

  • BBQdog

    Former World Superbike Champion Carlos Checa has been taken to hospital in Melbourne after he was knocked out in a race-one tangle with Marco Melandri.
    The Alstare Ducati man clipped the rear of Melandri’s Goldbet BMW on the brakes going into Honda Corner and was knocked unconscious. Trackside officials report that Checa suffered no serious injuries but obviously won’t take part in race two

  • Great opening round the Aprilia’s, BMW, and the Pinagale looked real good and fast .. Speedy recovery Checa you are one stand up RACER!!!

  • Will

    Hey Jensen, why don’t you make the winners a little more obvious by using their picture as the image for the article?

  • pictures? a la nascar? if you don’t know the faces of the race winners by now then you haven’t watched wsbk for the past few years.

  • David

    Looks a lot like MotoGp racing.

    One factory running top 3 with one factory trying to stay close.

    All the other bikes 11+ seconds back.

  • 190mph

    frod, I think Will was alluding to the fact that Jenson was giving away the winner of the races (even if you didn’t click on the story) by using a picture of them on the bike therefore spoiling the races for anyone that comes onto the site and hadn’t seen the races yet.

    I think that’s what Will was implying, though I could be wrong.

  • cvgsp75

    how the hell can we get to see WSBK here in the states ???
    my terrorist Bein sports channel only loves soccer and not bikes !!!
    can someone please direct me to visual bliss …

  • Tony

    Hey Will, if you don’t already know the results, don’t go to sites that talk about them until you do.

  • Campisi

    This is my first season watching World Superbike, so I’m still in that awkward phase wherein one must constantly put names and teams to faces and liveries. That said, the racing this weekend was pretty good. Here’s hoping Checa comes out alright.

  • hey cvgsp75, the race was streaming online on

    btw, I guess your beIn sport channel is half terrorist because the other half is own by Time Warner.

  • Balzac

    I’m with Will, I am being encouraged to NOT visit your website if you insist on giving away the results in the pic. We can’t all watch live, and it sometimes takes a day or 3 to download and watch the races. The good news is, it’s not like it’s the superbowl, and everybody in the supermarket is talking about who won, but if I have to avoid any moto-blogs because of in your face spoilers, you are doing yourself a dis-service.

  • now I see the hate starting to brew against Jensen who does a great job on this site.

    My question to you guys is when you go to or gaySpeed channel or any other site per that matter don’t you see the same spoiler alert?
    I’ve seem many times when Jensen writes (Spoiler alert) on the result, and this time the race was on Saturday in USA, this time I don’t think he spoiled anything.

  • cvgsp75

    @Frod thanks for the info… and all these peolple complaining about race results are not using common sense if didnt watch the race 99.999999 % of the time results are gonna be posted. If you dont have the will power to wait till you see the race dont complain !!! these website which ever they maybe are doing a great job informing us (pics & intereveiws) dont be ……well u know were im going with this

  • Tony

    @Balzac, I don’t think your life is going to be to severely affected by not visiting this site for a few days. Do you really think there will be much of any other info on here besides the race results of the weekend? I think you’ll live for a few more days without going to ANY motorcycle racing website for “a day or 3.”

  • So you come to a motorcycle news site, and expect not to get the news???

    If I had my way, we wouldn’t bother with spoiler warnings, and we would just publish the race-winner in the article headline (along with everything that happened above-the-fold). Coming to a website that reports industry news and happenings, and expecting them not report on a race is sort of ludicrous in my mind, yet somehow people feel justified in petitioning for this very action.

    Luckily cooler heads prevail around here. Our headlines are generic, our RSS feed is devoid of any details, as is our Twitter feed and Facebook account, and we publish the race results below the fold (meaning you have to click “Continue Reading” to view them. We go to get efforts to sanitize our media from unintended results spoilage, but I’m afraid there’s not much we can do if you PRO-ACTIVELY COME AND VISIT the front page of the site knowing that a race just took place.

    If your expectation is that the world will wait a day or three before discussing the results of a race, then you are sorely mistaken — the internet/mass media/civilization isn’t going to change for you my friend. I would also probably add that this reality also unfortunately that means you might have to sequester yourself from Facebook, Twitter, and racing websites, if you want to avoid spoilers before you sit down and view the race several days later.

    You see, my personal response to your complaint would be “deal with it,” or more likely something a little bit more colorful, because I have no patience on this issue. But again, cooler heads prevail at A&R HQ.

    So I say to you, dear readers, our sincere apologies for posting a photo that may or not spoil the race results (we don’t actually always post the race-winners in the photo, but did this time). We hear your complaints, and as much as I personally disagree with them, we are investing some resources in developing a very clever solution to this problem. Stay tuned…but in the meantime, try avoiding the site on race-weekends if you haven’t seen the race(s).

  • L2C

    I don’t get the beef. News networks broadcast sports results the very same day and immediately following the final results. Internet media outlets do the same. Shhhh…be quiet, you’re not making any sense. Just skip A&R until after you’ve watched the races, that will solve your problems. You can always catch up on the other stuff later.

    Anyway, I love that these early Phillip Island races were given the MotoGP treatment camera-wise. The coverage was very exciting to watch. Especially compared to the few races that I saw last year, which gave the impression of Biaggi and Co. racing in quicksand or some other equally slow medium.

    If these latest examples of SBK/WSS represent Dorna’s production focus that will last throughout the rest of the season, count me in as a full-time fan. I couldn’t be happier with what I saw this weekend.

  • Tony

    I’m not sure what you mean by MotoGP treatment. The production was pretty much the same as it’s always been. The only difference was instead of having a 10-12 bike freight train to the finish line it was only the top 4. That is very much like MotoGP. I’m hoping it’s not like that all year.

  • guys, just one more thing. To those that don’t want to see the race results early and to those of us who love this site let’s keep coming to this website so we can keep the traffic and site alive.

    You all very well know that you’ll see the race results every bike site you would go but the kind of article that we all enjoy can find it just here.

    I not a hippie but love everyone that likes bikes, races, and riding on two wheels.

  • L2C


    Yep, you aren’t sure what I meant. Feel free to read my post again to get the fine details.

    But as for the rest of your comment, there seems to be quite a few capable riders dealing with injuries in WSBK early this season, and that may have something to do with three or four riders, instead of more, competing at the front. This could reasonably change for the better by the time Aragon rolls around in the middle of April, as those riders have a lot more time to heal without tests, qualifiers and more races to impede their recovery. At least that’s what I gathered from the TV commentators and various articles posted on the net. At the very least, Tom Sykes could be in much better condition in six weeks time – and by some estimates he should definitely be in contention for the championship. Plus, Checa will also be back by then.