Bad fortune continues to follow John Hopkins, as the Anglo-American rider broke his hand today during a high-speed crash at the Phillip Island World Superbike test. Again breaking his right hand, Hopkins tweeted the following after the incident: “Well I’m absolutely devastated to announce that after a high speed crash I’ve broke a bone in my R/ hand ! Severity is yet to be determined.” Hopper would continue, saying that he would fly back to the United States today, where he will have his hand examined and treated.

Barring a medical miracle and a titan’s amount of mental determination, Hopkins’ participation in World Superbike’s opening round at Phillip Island is in serious doubt. Campaigning in WSBK with Paul Denning’s Crescent Fixi Suzuki Racing Team, Hopkins has been progressing steadily on his arduous return to the MotoGP Championship. Racing for redemption, the former-MotoGP/WSBK/AMA/BSB Championship racer has overcome many setbacks in the past few years, with injuries to his right hand being one of the primary hurdles he has had to overcome. No one said it would be easy Hopper.

Source: John Hopkins (Twitter)

  • Cpt.Slow

    Can’t catch a break… no pun intended.

  • M

    Maybe time to stop crashing.

  • rattle

    it’s suzuki. u missed an u.

  • AC

    Poor Hopper, would love to see him return to MotoGP but it seems like fate has a different plan.

  • Gritboy


  • SBPilot

    I really like Hopper due to his amazing comeback story to racing but it saddens me to see all these injuries he’s tallying up. His whole reason for being sidelined back then was due to injury, I think he really needs to take it easy a bit more especially if it’s a test.

    Hope to see him out fighting at the top in WSBK at Imola

  • MP

    Best of luck to Hopper. That poor guy can’t catch a lucky break, but you have to admit, he’s tough and that will get him far.

  • John

    Ride with your head, not your gut. I hate to see this, but not at all surprised.

  • AlexOnTwoWheels

    Heart Breaking! What a downer :-(

  • A cautionary, and ultimately sad tale. John has been so very unfortunate injury-wise. However, before the recent round of setbacks as he tries to redeem his career, John’s personal life and bad habits cost him some time. OK, so the Kawi deal wasn’t as represented, you still got paid as if it was. Not the smartest thing to get in a p****ng contest with John Ulrich, either. Not many injured riders show up at the track loaded in the hospitality tent to watch their stand-in. It’s good he’s admitted these things, takes a man to own up to mistakes.

    But as so often happens to professional athletes, sometimes not only the game, but life itself will catch you out, and the ‘another chance’ you thought was coming can evaporate . . . . these opportunities don’t come around every day for everybody, so you have to devote yourself completely with discipline while you have the chance, as you never know when there won’t be another.

    But I really do hope he hasn’t used them all up.

  • mxs

    Is this really just a bad luck? Think not …. but I love the guy watch racing when he’s on a bike.

  • Rob

    I hate to say it but we never get to see his potential since he crashes and gets hurt almost every year. He should have stayed in the AMA and done superbike to hone his skills more instead of jumping in the deep end right away so many years ago. I honestly don’t think he would have ever beaten Hayden or Mladin anyways.

  • Kevin

    As I predicted in November (see John Hopkins to World Superbike on Crescent Suzuki comments) Hopkins crashes and get hurt…. SHOCKING!