Every few months a good rumor about the return of Troy Bayliss finds its way into the media, and this week is no different. The whole process started several months back when Bayliss left a message on his Facebook page about his inability to come to terms with Ducati about racing a few wild card rounds in World Superbike this season — a statement that was quickly rebutted by Ducati Corse’s WSBK Boss Ernesto Marinelli, who said that if the former-World Champion wanted to ride in WSBK this year, a Ducati would be made available to him.

Now in an announcement made today by the Effenbert Liberty Racing team, the Czech-speaking Ducati-riding squad confirmed that it will be moving-up Canadian Brett McCormick to the team’s fourth WSBK-spec Ducati Superbike 1198 for the rest of the season, instead of having Troy Bayliss ride for the team at several wild card races.

Surely linked to the discussions Bayliss was having with Ducati Corse, the move is a boon to McCormick, who was set to ride the new Ducati 1199 Panigale in the World Superstock 1000 series, despite the fact that World Superbike. fans surely would have welcomed the return of the three-time WSBK Champion Bayliss to the track.

Effenbert Liberty Racing Press Release:
“The Effenbert company believes in motorsport and its use as the most powerful promotional engine so much that it was in their contemplation to run a Liberty Racing bike with legendary Troy Bayliss on a couple of occasions this season. They had a strong desire to give him the opportunity to ride as a wild card in a few races,” said the Team Owner Mario Bertuccio. “Unfortunately, as we all know, this intention was not fulfilled successfully for various reasons. At this point, the possibility has vanished completely and Effenbert decided to reconsider other options of further investments in the team, with regard to the budget, which eventually resulted in the decision to engage a fourth permanent rider for the entire 2012 season. This decision is also promising something very interesting.”

In his words, Mario Bertuccio inaugurated an important change for the whole Effenbert Liberty Racing Team. The team, already engaged in the SBK World Championship 2012 with three riders, Sylvain Guintoli, Jakub Smrž and Maxime Berger, has decided to promote the talented young Canadian Brett McCormick, contracted to compete alongside Federico Sandi in Superstock 1000 FIM Cup this year on a Ducati Panigale 1199, to the top class.

As a result, the Effenbert Liberty Racing Team will send four official riders on track for the remainder of the season that will officially terminate on 7 October on a French circuit of Magny Cours. This decision is just another proof of an enormous determination of the management of the Czech Team who believe in this sport with an unqualified commitment. This news is also a further contribution to the overall aim of the team to give an opportunity to young talented riders to show their potential.

Brett McCormick’s debut in SBK is scheduled for late March, in Italian Imola. On this occasion, “the kid” (Canadian’s nickname) will be riding the Ducati 1198 #68 for the first time and will challenge his opponents of this superior category.

“Effenbert Liberty Racing Team is giving me a great opportunity, “said Brett McCormick. “My dream has always been to race in SBK and now that I have this opportunity, I will give it everything on the track. Recently, I’ve been studying and memorizing the circuits, which obviously I do not know well, so that when the D-day comes, I am prepared as much as I can. It is going to be a very challenging season for me since I’m about to face many experienced riders. This is undoubtedly a great way to learn and grow, and I will always try to be in the leading group!”

The team owner Mario Bertuccio further explained:” The incentive to promote McCormick in Superbike is consistent with our philosophy of helping to bring up young talents. We truly have the highest respect for the Canadian rider, and we trust him as we are certain that he can pay us back on the track. This is an important choice. There are only a few teams in SBK who have decided to increase the budget for the current season and our route makes us day after day even more proud and confident about the potential of the team.

Federico Sandi remains the Effenbert Liberty Racing Team’s ace in Superstock and I am sure he will give us very good results riding the competitive Panigale 1199. Our active engagement in this direction remains intact.”

Source: Effenbert Liberty Racing

  • Let’s call it ‘Eh’ ffenbert Racing, then. Glad to see another of my homies get a shot. How many motojournalists dream of doing one of those end-of-season mass tests and actually getting discovered? Thank god it was McCormick (admittedly a very part-time scribe) and not one of the insufferable asses I spent hours with on planes, flying to launches and tests back when I worked for Motorcyclist or Road Racer X. Ah, those weren’t the days, but I digress…

    Go Canada!

  • Steve

    All the best to McCormick and maybe it’s a blessing in disguise for Bayless. Somehow I can’t see Bayles on a peach colored Ducati.

  • Damo

    @Mark Gardiner

    Totally unrelated topic: I finally obtained a copy of Riding Man and I am about 60% through it. Really enjoying it, it should be required reading for all sport bike riders. I’ll be sure and write up a positive review on amazon once I finish it.

    Related Note: Troy Bayliss wont race in WSBK again, because the world does not contain that much awesome. Congrats to McCormick!

  • Adam

    this is fantastic for Brent! I saw hi race in the CSBK last year and he was heads above the rest, but he did have a dismal year on the Jordan Suzuki the year before in AMA. hopefully he is maturing and gaining the mental toughness needed at this level.

  • TonyS

    Couldn’t come up with an ugly paint scheme if they tried.

  • mxs

    Congrats to McCormick. will be interesting what he can do. Everybody says he has tons of talent. now being on a competitive bike with a great support stuff, it’s ti me to shine ….

    BTW, your title is a bit misleading ….. They really wanted Bayliss, but it didn’t work out, so they decided to go 4 bikes in SBK instead of putting around with other classes. They didn’t choose Bret over Troy …. I know it would be a nice story.

    I am sure you don’t mind the paint scheme on their umbrella girls, do you?

  • Damo


    “Couldn’t come up with an ugly paint scheme if they tried.”

    It is supposed to look like a glass of beer. As in Effenbert, the Czech Beer, look closer. Hence the pilsner colored bottom followed by bubbles and a foamy head.

  • TonyS

    @mxs > Nope.

    @Damo > yeah I got that, still looks like sh#t, actually piss.


  • Steve

    Pilsner colored bottom and a foamy head ? … Really?

  • Damo


    Effenbert makes a traditional Czech Pilsner, not my words really. Just trying to give reference. Plus I didn’t want to say “creamy”.


    Just making sure, I also agree it looks awful. Now if Guinness sponsored a race team…..that might work.

  • Steve

    Well, I must say it’s not quite as bad as Perris Hilton’s cute little pink 125’s.