WSBK: BMW Motorrad Italia Launches in Monza

01/17/2011 @ 2:21 pm, by Victoria Reid4 COMMENTS

BMW Italy launched its satellite team at Monza on Monday, which will see James Toseland partnering with WSBK rookie Ayrton Badovini, on BMWs that are only barely removed from the factory effort. According to Bernhard Godmayer, Head of BMW Motorrad Motorsport, “Now we can count on two teams, and we want to establish an excellent relationship between them, allowing for a constant exchange of data.

The German engineers will have a chance to compare themselves to the Italian engineers, and vice versa.  The first step in development will be given to the factory team, and once it is tested and approved, it will be passed on to the Italian team.”

As such the major engine development for the BMW Superbike effort will fall on factory riders Troy Corser and Leon Haslam. Toseland is on his second season back in WSBK after a failed effort in the satellite Monster Yamaha Tech3 MotoGP squad. His experience and double world championships should help BMW in its effort to improve beyond what Godmayer called the team’s “not satisfactory” 2010 season.

BMW approved this Italian arm of the BMW Superbike effort on September 21st, according to team director Andrea Buzzoni, in an effort to improve the company’s overall standings in World Superbike.

The Italian BMW team will mark its proper track debut at the Infront test at Portimao at the end of January, and as Toseland noted, the test at Potimao will be “crucial” for the team. He explained, “The first outing was useful only as a shakedown, and to understand which setup direction to move in.”

Current Superstock champion Badovini is excited for his opportunity with the BMW team. “I know how important this opportunity is, and I don’t want to waste it.  I have raced in this category before, and I know how much it counts to have a good bike and a good team.  From this point of view I’m very confident,” he said.

Source: GPOne

  • jebon

    very smart bike…

    but i feel, smell many DNA of Japanese bike on this bike and road bike version..


    The only big different between BMW1000sr and Japanese bike is it’s has more power…

    Japanese bike Europe version

  • Tom

    speaking of which, didn’t the Hayabusa do the same MPH of the 1000R 11 years ago before it was computer limited?

  • H

    “The only big different between BMW1000sr and Japanese bike is it’s has more power…”

    Not true. The S1000RR (stock) compared to the Japanese (stock) bikes has, ABS, traction control, electronic shifter, etc. Honda finally started adding ABS a few years ago on their bikes and Kawasaki started added traction control on their ZX-10 in 2011. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the rest of the Japanese manufacturers adding these features in the future.

  • Ricardo

    Nice drag bike.