It has been a busy year for Triumph, and the British marque wants you to know it. Thankfully, they have recapped everything into an awesome three-minute video. From Daytona to Bonneville, from flat track to road racing, and a little stunting sprinkled in for good measure, there are some good audio/video vibes waiting for you after the jump. Happy Friday!

  • Richard Gozinya

    That was fun!

  • smiler

    Bit odd having the final shot of the rocket smoking then posting Castol and Triumph’s logo. However Triumph really is a huge success story. Good to see and testiment to John Bloor.

  • paulus

    Nice little view of Triumph involvement.
    It is good to see that they are active in areas other than MotoGP/WSB
    … love the “drift battle” stuff.