World Superbike Riders Forming Safety Commission

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World Superbike riders have begun establishing a safety commission to have a stronger voice in providing safer conditions for racers in the series. Though other top-tier racing series have long had a body specifically to promote the safety of riders and drivers, it seems that the timing of the race at Donington Park this season has moved the riders to join forces. They met first during the official test in Portimao a month ago and met again this week during the testing at Phillip Island.

Still in its infancy, this safety commission has no official leader or spokesperson, though the group is looking to work with Infront Motor Sports to bring forth the safety concerns of those actually on the track. This year the riders seem particularly concerned with the timing of the second round in England at the end of March. The likelihood of cold, inclement weather and unsafe conditions at Donington Park is high, and the riders have been against the timing of that race at both meetings.

Though WSBK has a FIM-appointed Safety Officer that travels to each race (who is “responsible for the supervision of all aspects of safety” in the FIM/WSBK regulations), the riders have decided to join together for a stronger voice. Such a commission or association has had success in both MotoGP and F1, with the F1 Grand Prix Drivers Association regularly consulted by race direction to access the suitability of racing when conditions are inclement.

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