Putting down on paper the regulation changes for the 2014 World Superbike Championship, the FIM has posted the new rule changes that will govern the Superbike and Superbike EVO classes next season. As was confirmed earlier by the FIM, WBSK will see the introduction of the Superbike EVO category, which will run rules similar to World Superstock, but run congruently with the standard Superbike races as a sub-class.

Like in MotoGP, a maximum engine usage cap (eight engines per rider, per season in the Superbike category) has been imposed, along with price caps on braking and suspension parts. WSBK will also see a limited number of gear ratios used over the course of the season, with various rule options available regarding changing the gearbox and primary gear sizes.

What is noticeably lacking from the new posted rules is any mention of a price cap for an entire WSBK race bike, a much anticipated, though hotly contested, cost-cutting provision. Part price caps are also not listed, though the regulations specify only approved pieces and aftermarket supplies can be used by teams. The full verbiage of the new rules can be found here.

Source: FIM

  • phil

    If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

  • 2ndclass

    The pathetically small WSBK field would indicate that it is indeed broken.

  • Stephen

    WSBK and MotoGp race series are too similar. Drop WSBK and bolster SBK series in the Americas, Europe and Asia using a formula closer to a production class. I can even imagine a “World Final” with the top 6 in points in each region racing at a rotating venue.

  • BBQdog

    Picture of the Aprilia engine on top of this article is mirrored.

  • Yes it is.

  • Norm G.

    re: “The pathetically small WSBK field”

    stop parroting blatant lies. start paying attention.