Watch Jake Gagne Do a Pitstop at the Daytona 200

03/26/2013 @ 2:58 pm, by Jensen Beeler4 COMMENTS


Both the premiere and premier event of the AMA Pro Road Racing season, the Daytona 200 is a unique beginning to the American road racing season as it coincides with the Daytona Bike Week, and features the 32° banked turns on the NASCAR oval course.

Morphing in recent years from Superbikes, to Formula Xtreme, and now to Daytona SportBikes, the machinery may have changed for the race teams, but the endurance-factor of the race remains the same for the riders.

A crucial component to winning a race like the Daytona 200 are the pit stops. The only race of the year that sees AMA riders enter pit lane for fresh tires and fuel, valuable seconds and place-positions can be won or lost here, and racing truly takes on a team aspect.

After the jump we see the RoadRace Factory team help rider Jake Gagné take a fourth place finish at the Daytona 200 with a very quick pit time. Looking tidy boys, looking tidy. Thanks for the tip Rory!

Source: YouTube

  • Rory

    I didn’t know dogs could type. You’re welcome for the tip…. Love, Audrey

  • Kevin


    As TT fans and lucky enough to make the trip I think we both know the importance of pit stops. Funny thing for me at the 200 this year is a team I was shooting that did no on track pit stop practice for half the team. From what I’ve seen in successful pit stops across the pond in Ireland etc… the lack of any real effort to make sure those crucial pit stops where quick and polished amazed me. I guess some folks think that well I did it last year once I’m fine is enough. We both know that answer to that is just the opposite.

  • Ken

    Wow, that forsome reason was cool. that was fast considering what it was. Axel out chain off wheel off wheel in chain on axel in. fuel GO GO GO

  • Lets see them perform that on a Ducati, that fast