Close Vote Reelects Vito Ippolito as FIM President

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While MotoGP fans were watching the Australian GP at Phillip Island, current FIM President Vito Ippolitio was having a race of his own, as he looked to be reelected to his role in the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) during an election being held at Macau, China. With 98 of the FIM’s 101 federations in attendance, Ippolito managed to squeak another term through the year 2014, winning the vote 55-41 against French candidate Jean-Pierre Mougin.

Ippolito has come under fire for the dwindling grid size in MotoGP, and the growing number of issues that concerns Infront Motor Sports’ rights with the World Superbike Series in relation to the new GP rule structure with production-based motors. To a lesser extent Ippolito has also drawn criticism for the FIM’s involvement in alternative energy, most notably with the TTXGP series split. Now securing his role for another four years, it will be interesting to see how Ippolito cleans the FIM’s house.

The biggest challenge facing Ippolito in his new term is the rule changes set to occur in MotoGP for the 2012 season. As MotoGP returns to the 1000cc format, the FIM & Dorna are looking for ways to decrease costs in the premiere series, which also includes reducing the power the motorcycle manufacturers have in making the technical rules for MotoGP. A highly political issue, Ippolito’s confirmation assures the FIM President that he will be able to see his plans all the way through to the end without interference, and set them in place long-enough that another President cannot overrule them. How will it all play out? Only time will tell.

Source: MotoMatters