UPDATE: Well looks like the party is over, as Dorna has sent us a cease and desist.

What was it like watching Valentino Rossi swing his leg over the Ducati Desmosedici for the very first time behind closed garage doors? Well thanks to someone in the Ducati pit box who had either a small camcorder or smartphone with video enabled, we can finally see what that experience was like, and what sort of atmosphere surrounded the moment.

Taking a total of six videos of the historic occasion, we can experience the first reactions of Rossi and crew as he gets ready to complete Italy’s motorcycling wet dream.┬áVideos after the jump, and be sure to check out the first official images of┬áRossi riding the GP11 at Valencia, and the behind the scenes photos from Rossi’s favorite photographer Gigi Soldano.

Source: Valentino Rossi (Official Site)

  • gnmac

    Oh my gosh that sound, ah sh*t that exhaust note in the last video…i’d go to hell and back twice for that!!!!!!!

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  • gildas

    Note the care taken about positioning and fit.

  • BRose

    That was very cool too see. The more I watch V.R. the more I like him. Epic talent / really cool guy. I hope he can figure out how to ride that thing and beat the Honda Hord that is building over hill!
    So far there has been no presence of V.R. and Nicky together; sadly, I don’t think V.R. thinks there is anything to learn from “The Kid”. I bet its gonna be Ben fighting out with the Aliens and V.R. fighting for 5th and Nicky doing about the same. Nicky is lucky to have this ride. Should be fun to watch!

  • Mark

    I wouldn’t underestimate Rossi’s ability and motivation. He’s been racing with a torn up shoulder for the whole season, which was much worse than they thought once the doctors got in there.
    Despite the Ducati’s front end issues, Stoner proved that the Ducati was still capable of winning with a talented rider aboard. With Rossi and Burgess now developing the bike, it will improve. With Rossi going into next season fully healed and motivated, I think they will be battling for wins straight away.

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  • ting tong

    the sound from exhaust very loud and noisy…i think VR will make changes for it because the sound can disturbing him during race…just like what he’s done to M1..still loud but less than other bike

  • Minibull

    @ting tong: You serious mate? The wind noise would probably nearly drown out the exhaust…
    The M1’s exhaust may be like that for some kind of tuning, not just for noise…anyway, the M1 has always had a muffler, even before Rossi joined Yamaha.

  • ting tong

    dude, i;m serious…i’ve read before in some magazines, years ago about VR complaining about noisy, loud sound from the exhaust…and he feel very uncomfortable during race especially when in cornering area…

  • MotoRider

    Rossi complained back in his “Honda Days” about the exhaust being to loud when Honda tried to move to a straight through exhaust system.

  • fasterdammit

    Somebody must’ve got a ‘cease & desist’ order … :( bye bye videos

  • LutherG

    VR has announced no barrier in the Ducati pit. He and Hayden have always gotten on pretty well over the years. In some sense they have similar personalities. They work hard for the manufacturer, and have a huge and loyal fan following.
    It’s clear to everyone who the #1 guy is and that keeps Rossi happy. Burgess
    And Rossi have such monumental reputations as geniuses at bike set up, and hayden is similar in size and weight. Ducati technical cannot ignore burgess and Rossi. Burgess
    Has a motogp record like no one ever. First with
    Mick Doohan, then Rossi. Ducati won’t ignore him.
    Had stoner (and hayden) not kept getting thrown down by the unpredictable front end, the Ducati would have been a genuine threat. The engine has all the horsepower, but the R1 had corner speed all season.
    Ducati will be in positions 1-4, it’s just too hard to tell which two spots.