Ending a 14 year relationship, the 2013 World Superbike Championship season sees Team Alstare under the flag of a new manufacturer, as the Belgian squad closes its story with Suzuki Racing, and begin a new one with Ducati Corse. An adjustment for many in the paddock, the name Alstare has always been synonymous with Suzuki, though the team’s absence this last season was a noticeable one, as Team Alstare has always been one of the top crews in WSBK.

In that regard, it seems fitting then that Alstare should find a partnership with another great name in World Superbike racing, and so while the name Team Ducati Alstare sounds a bit strange to the ear, it makes sense in the head. Bidding goodbye to Suzuki, and hello to Ducati, Team Alstare has put together two videos, which have more than a touch of bittersweet to them. Clearly, this is a wound that will still require some time to heal.

Source: Team Ducati Alstare (YouTube)

  • Afletra

    Why they broke-up?

  • Halfie30

    Does Suzuki even have a factory team in WSBK anymore?

  • They have Crescent Racing, but Suzuki is essentially not supporting them.

  • Cause Suzuki’s too cheap to field bikes in MotoGp, and WSBK.

  • JoeD

    Godspeed boys!

  • L2C

    Very interested to see how the riders perform with the new Ducati. I wonder if the rear suspension placement and exhaust plumbing underneath the seat are genuinely anything to worry about. Seems to be some complaints -Internet complaints- about those two aspects of the bike’s design, so it’ll be good to get first-hand impressions from the guys making a living riding it.