Video: That Guy at the Track Day

10/01/2012 @ 3:56 pm, by Jensen Beeler10 COMMENTS

Surely by now you have seen these text-to-voice animation videos that seem to proliferate in just about every niche possible on the interubes, and while this video is a bit of an oldie but goldie, it still had us in stitches during this weekend’s track day excursion to Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch. In-between us “throwing down some blazing hot laps” on the Nevada circuit, it didn’t us take long to find members in the Pahrump paddock that mimicked the protagonist portrayed here in this short YouTube clip.

If you have ever been to a track day (heaven forbid, a track day in Southern California), then surely you have witnessed first-hand the phenomenon of the rider with all the go-fast parts, bumping around the novice group, going turn-for-turn in search of something resembling a clue. It can be frustrating to witness, but next time you encounter some squid who is bragging about how he drags his elbows like Ben Spies or dangles his leg like Valentino Rossi, remember this video. And please, please, be sure to attend the riders’ meeting.

Source: YouTube

  • Thanks again for coming out!

    Sorry SMMR isn’t like the high-altitude GP tracks that your suspension was set up for. I hope that the telemetry data sent via real-time satellite feed shows how you managed to coast by me when you ran out of gas…


    Got that out of order.

    Damn. But still, thanks for coming out!

  • MikeD


    This is not limited to Motorcycling, rather…my day to day…there’s always some a-hole that feels the need to up-man you and everyone in sight with his/her stupidity and ignorance.
    Like they need to compensate for small flat boobs or a short pencil thick win-dan-doole. LOL.

  • B.T.

    Hilarious!! Thanks for posting!!

  • Westward

    A couple of years ago, after recovering from a hit and run on a HWY, I bought another bike and was in the process of regaining my feel for riding. I joined a bunch a friends on a group ride and was near the end of the middle or closer to the lead of the rear pack.

    Suddenly Casey Stoner or the delusional version of him ran through on the inside of me on a turn and startled the crap out of me. Keep in mind we are not on a track but only a nice twisty bit of road. My point is, pull that macho BS with the lead group and stop trying to impress those who could give a rats ass that you think you belong in Motogp…

    Have a little consideration for your fellow riders, you don’t know their level of skill or their particular situation, as that type of aggressive behaviour could cause someone else to crash and injure themselves.

    For some people it is a little beyond themselves to think of their fellow man…

    Besides, I think I met the fellow this video was based on…

  • Michael

    you guys were at spring mountain? I was there on Sunday. The only guy in the paddock still trying to make an RC51 go fast. Wish I would’ve known you were gonna be there. I would’ve liked to meet the guy(s) responsible for one of my favorite sites.

  • Bummer we couldn’t meet up Michael, though your RC-51 was probably spared some drool stains.

  • Michael

    you planning on coming out for the 10/27-28 weekend at all? I think this one is being put on by Track Xperience

  • No, I’ll be Australia riding Phillip Island. :-D

  • Michael

    that’s just cruel

  • Sorry I won’t be able to join you out there this year. I hope your day is less eventful than last years, and maybe a bit more sun!