Carlin Dunne and I might go back nearly a decade, but when it comes to Pikes Peak racers, Greg Tracy is sorta my hero. A six-time winner in the Race to the Clouds, when Greg isn’t racing in America’s second-oldest motorsporting event, he spends his off-hours as a major-production stuntman. You’ve probably seen him before, but just didn’t know it. Despite his blockbuster resume and besides being a boss on two-wheels, Greg also happens to be one of the nicest and down-to-earth people you will ever meet in motorcycle racing, let alone Hollywood.

Maybe it’s because when your job involves risking it all on a daily basis, you don’t take for granted the little things in life. Also at the same time, you probably don’t sweat the small issues that cloud what is really important at the end of the day. You would only have to spend a few minutes around Greg to find an anecdote to support that hypothesis. For as nice of a guy as Greg is in person, I would hate to be one his motorcycles in competition.

Racing up Pikes Peak with fractured vertebrae (Greg had a big crash the weekend before, filming a promo video for Audi & Ducati at Pikes Peak), Tracy was the fourth-fastest competitor ever, in any class, at the 90th Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Putting down a jaw-dropping 9’58.262 time up the 12+ mile course, with its 156 turns, Greg was just six seconds shy of Carlin’s class-winning time of 9’52.819. We would be hard pressed to imagine what that race would have looked like had Greg been 100% fit. Respect.

A video of that sub-10 minute run is after the jump.

Source: My Life at Speed; Photos: © 2012 Jensen Beeler / Asphalt & Rubber – Creative Commons – Attribution 3.0

  • Charlie

    If Pike’s Peak is mainly if not all paved, then why doesn’t Ducati use the 1098R or 1199 Pannegale S and totally obliterate the lap record?

  • Pikes Peak is now fully paved.

    Ducati doesn’t use its Superbikes there in part because racing the event was meant to promote the Multistrada 1200 for Ducati North America, and second the rules have various provisions against sport bikes, like a bike must come from the factory with a single handlebar, not clip-ons.

  • Charlie

    In that case not really knowing the major differences between the 2 bikes, but I would’ve used the streetfighter S

  • Charlie

    Knowing that Ducati likes to use their engines in different pakages and sell their bikes in various forms of moto disciplines, I guess the chassis are extremely different?!

  • John

    Can anybody explain why, despite the course being fully paved, he seems to ride with a kind of supermoto style, very upright, kicking a leg out sometimes? Couldn’t he go faster hanging off?

  • JoeD

    Would be nice to see a Benelli out there. The TnT R160 fits the requirements.

  • David

    Very SAD to see the road paved all the way to the top. Takes away from the unique nature of the event. Also makes all the previous records pointless.

    Maybe the Isle of Man TT will dig up 10 miles of asphalt and make a dirt section.

    Speaking of Isle of Man. Imagine if those fearless riders from over there came to Pikes Peak with their sportbikes and giant nads. The Pikes Peak records would really get lowered then.

    I suspect that is what will eventually happen. Sportbikes will be allowed in their own classes and will dominate Pikes Peak. All the other types of bikes will just be supporting classes.

  • @David: “Also makes all the previous records pointless.”

    Yeah, in the same way that Agostini’s championships are pointless because the tracks aren’t the same as they used to be.

    Uhm …

  • David

    The Pikes Peak Champions will always be listed as Champions. I was talking lap times on a mixed surface track compared to the new all asphalt track.

    I guess it’s progress.

    Kind of like Agostini’s lap times are pretty much pointless.

  • Richard Gozinya


    A couple of Streetfighters did compete, one got beaten by a Harley.

  • Steve Lang

    Very impressive and it looks like if you should happen to come off, you would starve to death before you hit the bottom. Good work boys!

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  • MikeD


    Great sugestion…….let’s see who’s up to take it. I would like to see Benelli BE much more promoted here in the States…wish i had the $$$ to get me new “butt jewelery” of that caliber…lmao.

    @Richard Gozinya:

    LMAO…Your comment has made my night…i sure needed it…ROTFLMAO.

  • Sbraz

    TT’s guy can kick his butt!

    By the way, now it’s all asphalt… and I don’t like it anymore. It’s a shame…