Video: Casey Stoner at 1,000 Frames per Second

07/12/2011 @ 10:01 am, by Jensen Beeler6 COMMENTS

Stand at any corner during a MotoGP session and in real time you’ll witness a variety of riding styles and lines, not to mention see plenty of body-english that tells you how a rider is coping with his machine. Slow all that down by about 50x speed, and you’ve got something. You’ve got art, and that’s what Red Bull has done here with its Red Bull Moments.

Shooting Casey stoner in 1,000 fps slow-motion video at the Catalan GP, Red Bull brings us every body panel flex, every exhaust pipe wag, and every wheel and dry clutch rotation…and oh, Casey also talks about racing in MotoGP. Bonus points to Red Bull for including the Karel Abraham “look back” shot as well (a personal pet-peev of Stoner’s).

Source: Red Bull (YouTube)

  • Ken C.

    I’ve often wondered why these guys don’t have elbow pucks in addition to their knee pucks. Amazing footage.

  • Patron

    The boy can ride.

    They do have plastic guards on their elbows specifically for that reason. May be custom for some of these guys, but they got ’em. I don’t have them on my leathers, but I am a mere mortal.

  • irksome

    @KenC- I met these crazy Canadian kids years ago while shooting vintage races at Laconia; they had a sidecar and the monkey had a knee puck on his helmet. Scuffed.

    The 250cc GP riders regularly dragged their elbows.

  • Westward


  • H

    Everything is custom for these guys. Helmets, suits, boots, gloves, etc. They mold them specifically for each rider. Nicky Hayden spoke about it in the Doctor, Tornado and Kentucky kid movie. Said they’ll make anything for them. I guess when you’re riding a $1M machine, you can’t leave anything up to chance. I also heard some riders are particular in the size of their sponsored logos on their suits because it may weigh them down.

  • Trent

    If you look closely you can see Casey side the rear end a little bit.

    I can’t think of a better tribute to how boring and unwatchable rider aids have made our sport than the fact that you have to watch highlights in 1000 fps slow motion to see anything going on.