Video of the 2014 Superprestigio Races

01/12/2014 @ 2:30 pm, by Jensen Beeler13 COMMENTS


Did you miss yesterday’s Superprestigio dirt track races? Did you miss Brad “The Bullet” Baker put the smack down on Marc Marquez? Did you miss a venerable list of some of the best road racers in the world mixing it up on the dirt during their off-season? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Thankfully the promoters of the Superprestigio event, DTX Barcelona, really get this whole internet thing. Not only did they make sure the races were live on Spanish TV, but they made a live stream available so those outside of the region could see the event on Saturday.

Thanks to an intrepid motorsport enthusiast, now we have the entire day’s event on YouTube, just in case you had something too important to do on Saturday than to watch the race. Enjoy a short video with just the final race and another video with the whole day’s event as well.

Super Final Race:

Full Superprestigio Event:

Source: Alex GP (YouTube)

  • David

    Yay! Go brad! MM not too bad though either.

  • Bill

    Awesome event. I will end up watching the whole race eventually but the final was great. You could tell how much faster Baker was when got dropped behind after almost colliding and then just reeled Marquez back in. There was one corner where he was so low when he ran it into the corner, was just awesome.

  • Mariano

    That’s not “Catalan TV” The feed is from TVE (Televisión Española) the Spanish television state channel. I watched it yesterday straight from their website before it was available on Yoitube. The commentators speak Castellano (aka Spanish) something that WILL NEVER happen in Catalan TV. On Catalan TV the commentators would’ve be speaking in,well, the Catalan lenguage.

  • Mariano

    Of course the event was “available outside Barcelona” since it was on Spanish TV (over the air signal) it was available in all the Spanish territory, including the main land, the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Ceuta, and Melilla. Even if the tv channel had been Catalan TV it would’ve been available ” outside Barcelona” because Barcelona is just a city , not the whole Catalan (Cataluña) región where the signal (over the air) is available.

  • Maris Crane

    typical MM- using Brad as a curb at least four times and taking short, cutting lines to stuff him. Brad really showcased his talent is this genre of racing.

  • Mariano

    Ms Crane, did we watch the same race? Because it was a pretty close one and clean until Baker hit and caused Marquez to fall ( in the straight).

  • Buckwheat


    Don’t even go there.

    An appropriate ending to an enjoyable off-season of racing.

  • paulus

    seems to be 1/2 a super-motard race… No thanks

  • Kaw4Life

    Mariano – Did you watch the replay at the end of the race? Marc (whom I like) was all over the palce for the whole race. It is not his area of expertise.

  • Frank

    @ Kaw4Life: ‘It is not his area of expertise.’ I understand what you are getting at there, and yet – he qualified only a tenth behind the best flat track rider in the world and gave him a heck of a run in the Superfinal. On the ragged edge as usual, but saying that it is not his area of expertise would be an insult to the other riders in the event. Some of which ride dirt track only. It’s safe to say MM’s area of expertise is pretty much anything involving 2 wheels. He was the second fastest rider in the field from either class. To say he impressed me would be an understatement. Did he surprise me…? I don’t know if he could do anything to surprise me at this point. The kid is incredible. This weekend was just par for the course.

    What an event! Nice teaser for the off-season.

  • meatspin

    MM looked ragged as always. Still fast.

    It’d be interesting to see baker pick up roadracing to see how his skills translate.

  • Kaw4Life

    Frank – Well put. I was did not mean to crack on Marc rather point out that he took himself out. I think Marc is a class act.

  • Ray

    Someone should give Brad a go on MotoGP bike