After the tragic events at the cancelled Malaysian GP, and the subsequent tragic death of Marco Simoncelli, there were whispers regarding whether Valentino Rossi and/or Colin Edwards would retire after the incident that cut-short SuperSic’s life. These whispers and thoughts turned into idle chatter, which then lead to unfounded speculation.

It is of course only natural in this FOX News world that we live in that every possible angle and outcome be explored before any sort of precedent for those mental exercises presents themselves. Perhaps a lessen on the difficulties of basic human communication, even the most well-intended and honest speculation can be misperceived and distorted as it is retold, which in this case lead to a mass hysteria that the nine-time World Champion would retire from MotoGP racing.

Squelching the fire almost as soon as it began, Davide Brivio (Rossi’s Manager), Alessio Salucci (you might know him better as Uccio), and finally Valentino Rossi himself (no parenthesis necessary) denied outright that the thought of retiring had even crossed the Italian racer’s mind. “Quit? I do not know who said it, but it wasn’t me,” said Rossi. “Maybe it was to sell more newspapers…Marco was great. We shared so many memories, we used to meet almost every day, we’d train together and we’d race against each with any type of machine that had an engine.” Hopefully that ends the speculation.

Turning our attention to more real matters, Marco Simoncelli will be laid to rest Thursday in his home town of Coriano, Italy. A public viewing of Simoncelli’s body is planned for tomorrow, with the funeral scheduled for Thursday, October 27 at 3:00pm at the church of Santa Maria di Coriano.

Source: MotoMatters & Twitter (Davide Brivio & Alessio Salucci)

  • Walt

    I know you were only making a point. But Fox News has no idea who Rossi or Simoncelli are.

  • Other Sean

    Oh jeez, another Fox news dig. I thought A&R was above that.
    It’s a news channel, it’s got huge ratings. Sorry it’s not NPR, CNN, or CBS, but it’s not TMZ either.
    Sorry to get off topic, but that puts me off. Unnecessary.

  • I like how that’s the thing people are commenting on here…

  • Other Sean

    Well, come on, nobody with a brain in their head thought Rossi would retire over this. Would Simoncelli have wanted that? Heck no.

  • Keith

    what’s fox news? I’m just glad Rossi isn’t retiring…until he’s darn good and ready to. Then I hope switches over to WRC! ;^) ttfn stbu

  • luke

    I’m really still waiting to hear what Rossi says about the crash and it’s effects on him in an honest interview. He must be just devastated. Probably we will never hear that though, top tier motogp seems to be one of those sports where (unless your c. edwards) your interviews are just full of corporate censored cliches and carefully worded sound bites.

  • I could say lots about the format in MotoGP & how journalists interact with riders, but I’ll try to keep it short. I can think of only one situation where a PR person stepped-in on a question asked to a GP rider, there’s a lot less interference than you’d think.

    The bigger issue is time and language. With someone like Rossi, he’ll get peppered with questions in Italian for 20 minutes, and then non-Italian journalists will get 3 minutes with him as he’s getting on his scooter. Then of course he knows only so much English, so he’s answers sound canned, when really he just know X number of phrases in English. Very tough to find the thought behind the word when it’s like that.

    Something I’ve been doing, along with other English-speakers, is recording both sets of media scrums, and getting the non-English portions translated.

  • duxbros

    I think it’s all up in the air and anything is possible, despite what Uccio and Davide are saying. We’re talking about Valentino Rossi, who does what he wants to do. I think retirement isn’t out of the question because he wants to be healthy to do what he wants to do next–WRC, F1? The 2012 Duc is a big unknown. I hope it blows everybody off the track but I’m guessing the GP12 bike is still problematic, and does he want to have another year of mid-pack finishes? Valentino loves to have a good time and he sure isn’t right now. For that matter I think everybody but HRC would like to just skip Valencia and end the season yesterday.

  • ML

    I’m glad to know Rossi is still in it for the long haul. As for the fox news reference, its just a joke. I guess those who get offended either love fox news (:shudder:) or they are not familiar with their journalistic honesty, integrity, and credibility (or the lack there of).

  • motogpdr

    as a clinca mobile physician (the only american in its history) I’d like to comment that I have treated all of the motogp riders and marco was one of the most gentle and sweet men I have ever met….R.I.P. Marco…..

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  • Chuck

    Hey Beeler stick to reporting the news leave your political views at the door – there’s enough of this already going on all around us. Motorcycling news that is….

  • Carlos

    Jensen, quit trying to be political man, that’s how you’re going to lose readers. People come on this website to read about motorcycles and racing, not your bullsh*t political views. Get it together man.

  • Carlos

    Oh and by the way, I think it’s bullsh*t that Autoblog managed to report about the new S1000RR before you guys did. Again, you guys need to get it together

  • Jimmy Midnight

    Okay Boys & Girls, What have we learned?

    If you don’t hear it with your own ears or see it with your own eyes then don’t invent it with your small mind and share it with your big mouth.


  • Dutch

    @Carlos. Right on man! Total Bullsh!t! I say you cancel your subscription to A&R today and demand a refund!

    oh wait………

    back on point: Riding in Sic’s memory is the only choice. Expect a dramatic lid and plenty of 58’s on 46’s leathers and bike in Valencia.

  • Boo hoo! It seems that there are some fans of Murdoch’s on here. More fool them I suppose…

    Speaking of poorly-informed ‘journalism’ – and I use that term loosely – has anyone had the misfortune to read this article – which in my eyes is the journalistic equivalent of something found on the sole of your loafers… The final sentence is enough to make my blood boil.

  • irksome

    MotoMatters has a great piece on why ALL these guys will carry on doing their jobs:

    It’s what they do; anything less would be both unthinkable and an insult.

    As to the Fox News reference, I can remember when the shark frenzy was called the CNNing of the news. The 24-hr news cycle of today is voracious and, since Fox has decided to try to place themselves at the top of that cycle, they have to be prepared to become the adjective du jour. I DO find it interesting that its viewers seem to become so defensive at even the smallest PERCEIVED slight, which the reference in this article was most certainly not.

  • DareN

    C`mon man – Fox News? Let`s talk motorcycles – stay away from politics & religion. Uncalled for…

  • Shebel2stroke

    Regarding richard mushnets post, remember folks dont feed the trolls.

  • Shebel2stroke – if you can’t even type my name out properly, then don’t bother accusing me of trolling. I see a lot of needless comments on this thread regarding anything but Marco/Rossi/the media’s perception of this freak accident. The ridiculous Aussie article I posted was to see if anyone else felt as incensed as I did when I read it.

    As for the Fox reference, over here (the U.K.) Murdoch’s association is one of the main forces against unbiased and impartial reporting. Seems that some of you chaps Stateside seem oblivious to the horses**t that they spoonfeed you with?

  • DareN

    Thank you for enlighting us here in US. Now ,sir, please stick to motorcycles.

  • Patron

    I read that article and felt compelled to comment as I felt like you obviously did.

    However, I also feel that political ref’s among these articles dont have a place. Whether I agree with them or not. Just my opinion.

    Very sorry to see Sic go. I really do feel a genuine sense of loss, and I never met the man. I cant imagine how his family and friends feel right now.

  • Just so we’re all clear, where in the following sentence is there a political reference?

    “It is of course only natural in this FOX News world that we live in that every possible angle and outcome be explored before any sort of precedent for those mental exercises presents themselves.”

  • MrFancyPants

    I guess we know who the FOX news fans are

  • irksome

    @Jensen: There is nothing wrong with the sentence; it’s a legitimate reference to the voracious 24-hr news cycle. There IS something wrong with those who perceive it as a slight. Touchy touchy, eh girls?

  • DarN

    Here, Jensen ;”As for the Fox reference, over here (the U.K.) Murdoch’s association is one of the main forces against unbiased and impartial reporting. Seems that some of you chaps Stateside seem oblivious to the horses**t that they spoonfeed you with?”
    That how your comment is perceived.
    Are we done? Otherwise, change your name to Politico / Huffington Post – at least we would now what to expect.

  • Patron

    Comments before mine mentioned a political undertone. I was commenting that I agree politics don’t have a place in these articles. Never mentioned your FOX news remark. I do believe tho, that your political views have made their way into your work before. But I could be wrong about that. I’m not bored enough to prove it either way. But any time politcal BS comes through you get what you have above. Pointless. I dont care about anyones political stance. Like mine or not. Really, who cares.

  • DareN

    Well said, Patron.

  • Westward

    Fox does News ?

    I have to agree with Steve Jobs on this one, Fox is a destructive medium.

    Show me a person that defends Fox’s integrity, and I’ll show you someone that is either ignorant, or part of the deception that they are fair or balanced…

    Back to the subject at hand. I for one thought it possible, that this could bring Rossi to early retirement, but am glad to hear that it has not…

    Andiamo Rossi…

  • MrFancyPants

    in all honesty I thought The Doctor was making this his last year the moment he signed on with Ducati

  • Jake Fox

    @Richard Mushet

    I took the time to comment on that article you linked to. My response is as follows:


    You probably consider yourself a journalist or aspire to be one considering you write for a newspaper. I suppose it didn’t occur to you how hypocritical it be for a journalist to write this little bit of tripe so let me explain. As you may be aware, journalists often put themselves in harm’s way to bring us (the viewers, the readers, the listeners) the news. This happens in war zone reporting, natural disaster reporting, anywhere there is danger you’ll often find a member of the press around. Every now and then, a journalist gets killed doing their job. We could debate the value of that journalism just as easily as we could debate the value of motorsports. When a reporter dies, you can just as easily blame the viewer, the reader, the listener, or the news organization that sponsored their activity, as you so easily do with spectators of motorsport.

    Do try to look in the mirror next time before pointing the finger at others.

  • @Jake Fox

    Boom goes the dynamite.

  • Patron

    Good luck getting that comment posted. You revealed a truth to her that she simply doesn’t have the capacity to understand. I wrote a comment for that article myself. So far she has decided not to allow through comments that point out her inadequacies as a (gulp) journalist.