• Tmj005

    Laughed my ass off.

  • matt

    Isn’t Audi a German company???

  • JP

    GREAT parody! One discrepancy- with Italian management it is NEVER their fault! Always blame someone else!

  • stash


  • MikeD

    That is just BRILLIANT !!!!! LMAO.
    Man, im startng to feel bad for the guy…even more so for Ducati.
    I hope he sees it and get a good LAUGH out of it.

  • TesticleesGiganticus


  • JoeD

    I will chuckle for days. That was way cool.

  • joe

    Ducati Boss need to see this video . Lol

  • Billy B.Tso

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! brilliant!! thanks for the laugh, needed it after the morning I’ve had!

  • john walker

    this would be a great masterpiece theater

  • Westward

    As a Ducatisti and a fan of Rossi, I’m not “aloud” to laugh…

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  • “Take it easy, a scooter won’t make anyone a member of the Ducati owner’s club.”

    That’s where I lost it.

  • JW

    Humor sometimes can help heal wounds, to laugh at ourselves and, at times, the misery of the sport. I wish the best for the sport in general, the wide gaps today in Moto Gp are getting uncomfortable to watch.

    Forever a loyal fan to the sport of Moto GP

  • neven guy

    you can see Rossi everywhere but not on the track , and Stoner nowhere but on the track
    but the money is in the pocket. There are others who are more dedicated……..and cheaper…..
    Please Vale surprise us…..