Rossi on Valencia: “Maybe We Have to Think More”

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Q: It’s still not clear yet if you’ll be allowed to ride the Ducati in Valencia after the last race. How disappointed will you be, personally, with Yamaha if they don’t let you ride the bike till next year, after everything you’ve done for them?

Rossi: Mmmm….I trust 100% in Yamaha and I think Yamaha allow me to try the Ducati for our history, for our love, for our result, for what I do in all these years for Yamaha. And I think in the end they say “yes”…like is normal, like everybody, like all the factories, like all the other riders do. So, I am very confident to try the bike in Valencia.

Q: Valentino, why can’t they say yes now? It doesn’t seem like it’s…

Rossi: Maybe we have to think more. <laughter> But you know, it’s not a question of time, if we know one month before it’s no problem. We have time, we have time to wait. <laughter>

Q: When Casey signed for Honda, Ducati said the next day “ok, you can test” it was on…

Rossi: Ahh…ok, maybe…they are Japanese, so they need more time for think, for concentrate.

Also I want to say, after Brno and the race I was very upset because I don’t understand what’s happened on Sunday. Why I was too slow, but after the test in Monday we have the situation more clear. We understand more what has happened.

So, I’m confident to have maximum…I’m sure…to have the maximum support of Yamaha because it’s eight races to go, and I confirm what I said at Brno it is a great bullshit to start speak about next year before the half championship.

Because all the people, all the riders, can lose their concentration because already think of next year. For my side, for my next contract, I will start to speak a maximum three races to go, not before.

Photo: © 2010 Jason Yu / Asphalt & Rubber – Creative Commons – Attribution 3.0