Valentino Rossi Says Another 3 Years of Racing

03/16/2010 @ 2:02 pm, by Jensen Beeler13 COMMENTS

The subject as to where Valentino Rossi will race in the future and finish his career has been a subject of much speculation, and seems to endure through the seasons. As usual we’ve already seen the speculation that Rossi may drive a Formula 1 car for Ferrari, or join Ducati for a perfect storm of corse italiano. Rossi usually likes to fan the rumors by staying non-committal, but in a recent interview with Motosprint Magazine, the nine time World Champion Valentino Rossi revealed that he would like to stay in racing for another three years, likely ending his career with Yamaha.

Talking to the Italian magazine, Rossi says “I think I can race at the top for another three years. Racing is the thing in my life that I love the best: it’s my passion, I don’t need any other motives.” Rossi is rumored to stay with Yamaha in 2011, and says that he’ll discuss his future in June. “To change, you have to think of going where you can feel better. For me it’s hard to think that there’s something better than Yamaha. Fans would be happy to see me in Ducati, but these decisions can’t be made by factoring in emotions,” says the Italian motorcycling god.

To us this looks like the most qualified speculation on what is better known as the MotoGP silly season. Reserved usually for later in the season, the rumors seems to be starting early simply because of how large of a force Rossi is in MotoGP racing. There’s still a long way to 2011 though, and the intense rivalry between Rossi and Lorenzo is just heating up. If we see a move by Fiat-Yamaha to further support Lorenzo, you can be certain to hear a change of tune from the Rossi side of the wall.

Source: Motosprint via TwoWheelsBlog

  • jim

    Why is Rossi on a two-stroke Honda? How long ago was that?

  • joe

    not that long ago

  • Because I always liked that photo. ;)

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  • Bjorn

    Bring back 500cc two stroke Moto GP bikes and replicas for the road.

    Yes I know they are environmentally unsound and Honda hate them. I don’t care, bring them back.

    I want a new millenium RZ or RG 500.

    Oh well, off to the Two Stoke Shop to see what they’re up to.

  • Ghostdog2007

    The best news MotoGP could have.
    Rossi,Lorenzo and Spies, Great news! Take that WSBK!

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  • aaron

    is it just me, or are the exhausts crooked? I can’t remember the estimated cost of a 500cc gp bike, but I know it was waaaaaayyy up there. I remember seeing one in 2000/2001 and being suprised at how shoddy it looked once you were closer than 10 feet away. (I’m sure it was rossi’s honda), but at least it was mostly symmetrical…

  • Bjorn

    @Aaron, It looks to me as though the exhaust (ahem) silencers one the side of the swing arm are parallel but point inwards toward the centre line of the wheel. The upper pair are pointing slightly inward towards one another. I believe all this was to get the best shape for the gas flow, to scavange the cylinders properly.

    Any gas flow specialists care to comment?

  • Justin

    The exhaust tips are all pointing inward to the under seat area. This area should be low pressure and turbulent. Placing the exhaust exit in this area maximizes the pressure difference between the exhaust ports on the head and the exhaust tip. Increasing the pressure difference gives you increased flow without any other changes to the system. The famous upswept DTM exhaust tips used on early 90’s German Touring cars operate on the same principle of dumping the exhaust gases into a low pressure spot created by the vehicle’s aerodynamics.

  • Rossi we always love you forever.

  • Bjorn

    @Justin, Thanks mate, that makes a heap of sense.