UPDATE: Sources confirm that Valentino Rossi was not at Yamaha HQ, and the news of his appearance was a hoax caused by a hacked Twitter account.

Valentino Rossi is set to make a return to Yamaha, abandoning Ducati after two long and difficult years of failure. The Italian was spotted at Yamaha Motor Europe’s headquarters at Schiphol-Rijk, an industrial estate next to Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, by former racer Niall Mackenzie, who was visiting the Yamaha HQ while negotiating a deal for his younger son Tarran to race in Superstock next season. The Scotsman posted the sighting – naming only a ‘well-known Italian’ wearing ‘a big smile on his face’ – on his Twitter page, but when contacted by Thomas Baujard of the French magazine Moto Journal, confirmed his report to the magazine.

The news of Rossi’s return to Yamaha has been slowly leaking out since last Sunday’s Red Bull US Grand Prix at Laguna Seca. Speculative reports have appeared in leading English and Italian media, with Italian sports daily La Gazzetta dello Sport reporting that Rossi has been offered a two-year deal with Yamaha in MotoGP, with the option of making a switch to World Superbikes, to lead the development of the all-new Yamaha YZF-R1 which is expected for 2015. Yamaha pulled out of the World Superbike series at the end of the 2010 season, citing the global financial crisis and failing to achieve their marketing goals with the production-based series.

Rossi’s defection and return is far from surprising: the dream matchup of Italian superstar Rossi with the legendary and iconic Ducati brand had raised expectation all around the world, but it had been a disaster from the moment Rossi swung a leg over the bike at Valencia in 2010. Rossi was shocked to find that the machine that Casey Stoner had taken to victory in three of the last six races of 2010 was a very long way from competitive, the results coming from Stoner’s mercurial talent rather than by virtue of the Desmosedici.

Since then, though much has changed superficially, there has been very slow and very limited progress on the Desmosedici, despite a range of updates coming from Borgo Panigale. Though frames have been modified and the engine layout rotated backwards, the fundamental flaws of the bike remain: The machine lacks front end feel, has a tendency to understeer, and the power delivery is far too aggressive. All of the feedback that both Rossi and his crew chief Jerry Burgess has provided to Ducati Corse has failed to result in any clear improvement.

In essence, Rossi has run into the same problem that caused Stoner to leave the Italian factory: feedback was ignored and developments came at a glacial pace.

Rossi’s departure from Ducati will come as a blow for the Bologna factory. Just yesterday, Ducati team boss Vittoriano Guareschi had told the Gazzetta that the factory did not have a ‘plan B’ for a Rossi departure. Ducati is said to have offered 17 million euros to Rossi, something that the Italian hotly denied at Laguna Seca. More importantly, Rossi has had several meetings with very senior Audi executives aimed at reassuring Rossi that Audi has both the means and the intention of investing heavily in Ducati’s MotoGP program.

In the end, Rossi could not afford to wait: the effects of the Audi takeover will not start to bear fruit for at least a year or so, and with Rossi entering the last few years of his career, he needs results faster than that. Rossi is tired of riding round knowing that the best he could hope for is 6th place, and a return to the competitive Yamaha M1 gives him a chance at battling for podiums and wins every race.

The wait now is for official confirmation from either the Yamaha or Ducati camps. Given the fiasco over Ben Spies’ announcement ahead of Laguna Seca that he will be leaving Yamaha at the end of the season, Yamaha will be keen to announce some good news as soon as possible. Ducati, on the other hand, will want to wait for as long as they can before making an announcement. Rossi himself had said he expected to make a decision ahead of Indianapolis, with an announcement at Brno. It is extremely unlikely that any of the three parties involved can hold off on making an announcement for that long.

Photo: © 2012 Scott Jones / Scott Jones Photography – All Rights Reserved

This article was originally published on MotoMatters, and is republished here on Asphalt & Rubber with permission by the author.

  • AC

    Guess we can officially bin any talk in the future of Rossi not being a quitter. He’s like a child that gets throws away his favorite toy in boredom and then looks at it longingly when someone else is playing with it.

  • Keith

    considering how the ducati’s haven’t been performing and the poor development of them the last couple of years….not sure I can blame him. Sometimes you just gotta know what to say “piss on it” and walk away. Then again I learned that just because I can get a bike to work well doesn’t mean other people can also and vice versa.

  • Jonathan

    He’s a nine time world champ and 99.99999% of the detractors are still racing armchairs. Who has ever heard of a championship winning prize fighter in the ring for the title wearing 16oz gloves?

  • Worthy

    AC thats a ridiculous assesment. You gotta know when to hold em and know when to fold em. The bike is sh1t. He doesnt want to waste his legacy on 6th place. His team largely developed the Yamaha. Lorenzo would be making epanadas on the corner if it wasnt for that bike.

  • BBQdog

    @AC: he tried for two years and he can judge better then you if there is any expectation of future improvement. I think the crash al Laguna Seca was the last straw.

  • AC

    No doubt the Laguna crash was the last straw–you saw it in his body language. But let’s be honest: Rossi and Burgess’ development mastery is now permanently tainted by the fact that they couldn’t get the Ducati to work in two years. You can say that it’s Ducati’s fault, but they changed everything from the swingarm to the frame based on their direction and the bike still comes up short.

    His defection back to Yamaha shows that he needs a certain type of bike to win. If that’s not a giant stain on the Rossi legacy, I don’t know what is. To me it’s like seeing a God bleed.

  • A lot of people say he has lost his speed… guess we’ll get to find out now as we know the Yamaha is competitive. I’m glad for the change – no reason to stay at Ducati trying to keep ahead of the CRT bikes.

  • mechelaar

    Well, I guess we now know what wins… An unstoppable force has been defeated by an unmovable object…

    @AC, you can fiddle with the set up all you want, but if you can’t manufacture conceptually better parts in the back of the garage… A Moto2 bike would never be able to compete with the MotoGP prototypes no matter who might be tuning it… You don’t really even have to go to Moto2, just look at the CRT pile…

  • BBQdog

    “Rossi and Burgess’ development mastery is now permanently tainted by the fact that they couldn’t get the Ducati to work in two years.”

    That’s a big big question. What if Rossi asked for a bike with 60 degree cilinders instead of 90 ??
    All you do is speculate. You don’t know how much a traditional compagny like Ducati did want to change because the bike they race should have some similarities which what the sell. They just can’t or won’t change too much. Does the word Panigale ring any bells ???

  • Alex

    I think, not only is the Desmo shit, there seems to be an unwillingness or an inability from Ducati Corse to improve it, if you have been following it you know that Ducati hasn’t changed everything Rossi has asked for, that they only gave him the new chasis after 6 months of asking for it, I’m sorry but under any circumstance the Audi money may be able to make them competitive in the following two years, but if the Italians keep being unreceptive to changing the way things are, I don’t think it would be practical…

    You can’t fault him, Casey did the same thing as have pretty much everyone else that has ridden for them except Hayden who only seems to be too happy to be payed to deliver mediocre results, Casey left because the factory didn’t make the changes, and Rossi is getting sick probably more with the attitude in Ducati more than the lack of wins…

    People may say he will return as a number 2 in Yamaha, and that he is king in Ducati, but that is not true, Ducati is king in Ducati, and the riders always come after that, and in Yamaha the riders seem to be listened and understood, not dismissed, he is returning to a factory that listens and want him to do well, he may share the throne with Lorenzo at Yamaha, but at least he gets attention from the factory, instead of getting dismissed…

  • Nick

    – Alex


  • AC

    @Alex Well said.

  • Paulo

    It’s a win for us all wanting more exciting racing!! So far, his third place podium in the wet was the most exciting race thus far this season! Good for Rossi, good for us!!

  • Mike Deiznutse

    Well said for sure Alex. Hayden most likely only is staying at Ducati because the number of options is limited at the moment. Maybe in 2014 there will be more opporutnities for him. If I was him and wanted to stay in Moto GP I think that I would stay put at the moment for another year also and see how the Audi influence helps.

    “Rossi’s departure from Ducati will come as a blow for the Bologna factory. Just yesterday, Ducati team boss Vittoriano Guareschi had told the Gazzetta that the factory did not have a ‘plan B’ for a Rossi departure. ”

    No backup plan? Seriously? I find this to be completely shocking when Rossi has obvioulsy been (publicly no less) disappointed in the bike AND their responsiveness to improve it. Why would Vittoriano NOT have a Plan B????? Then again, Ducati does not seem to want to admit that they have problems so why would they think to even have a backup plan. This would never happen at HRC or Yamaha.

    Ducati doesn’t just need to fix the bike, they need to fix their team from the top down as well.

  • John

    Rossi placed 2nd while Stoner was 3rd.

  • Hate to say i told u guys Rossi was leaving….. Glad to see cause the Ducati will never be a Yamaha or vise versa… So what know is Dovi. coming over to Ducati??

  • MP

    I know Valentino is praised as a great bike developer, and he is. I also understand he’s just not clicking with the Duc. What I don’t understand is how many people say leaving Duc without mastering the bike or turning it into a winner is going to tarnish his reputation – Bollocks.

    Truth is, Valentino is a world class racer. He’s the GOAT. If I was him, I really wouldn’t be too concerned with my reputation as a guy that can make a bike a winner. I’d only be concerned with ME being a winner. He has more champions than anyone in history and is a couple of races behind Ago as the alltime biggest winner. Isn’t that much more of a grand title to be chasing than a developer???

    Get on that Yam Rossi and win some races – the world is ready and waiting

  • For those who believes Valentino “build” a bike…

    Copying my comments from another site…

    Don’t forget to mention that Yamaha M1 was developed by Alexandre Barros, back in the day. Rossi got some full developed bike, just waiting for a good pilot.

    Word from Kenny Roberts Jr:

    “Rossi is on the Honda, has it figured out and has Jeremy Burgess. Honda has the bike, crew, tires, etc. The championship is his.”

    “Then, he is with Honda when the move to four strokes and MotoGP is made. It’s (the RC211V). Honda again has the bike, crew, tires, etc. He wins.”

    Roberts continues, “Then he goes to Yamaha. Okay, nobody remembers this, but, who rode the Yamaha the season before Rossi? Alex Barros. Remember they gave Barros an RC212V at the end of 2002 and he won three of the last four races on it. So he was very good. And Barros told Yamaha in 2003, ‘Hey, you have no torque here. What you need is more power and a flatter torque curve so it has a wider powerband’. And so, when they go to build the new engine configuration, they make it with more torque, change the firing order, a wider powerband and more power. Valentino rode the bike at Malaysia and it was a lot better. So, Rossi, with a lot of effort from Yamaha and himself, gets on the Yamaha and wins the world championship.”

    there’s like Duke has the same problem…. so much “powah!”

    Rossi going back to Yamaha with his tail between his legs will be a very interesting sight indeed.

    Troll Moment:

    Casey could run that bike. hahahahahaha

  • Fred,

    It is very shallow to think a world championship is as simple as you just explained it… One point: A certain important engineer went to Yamaha Racing also during the time period in which they grew to become dominant in the premier class.

  • Paul

    Well MotoGp needs something, I’d rather watch the competitive WSBK series anyday. Maybe Rossi should go to WSBK? Who wants to watch the likes of Rossi (True champion) on a non competive bike DucatiGP bike- not me. Whats with half the field of CRT bikes that struggle to get into the top ten and then allow the winner of the CRT bikes to park with the podium place bikes at the end of the race? boring. The whole current Motogp rules and regs are ruining what should be the premier class. Look I love bikes and racing but Moto2&3,WSBK racing is better to watch, I’ve been following MotoGp for a long time with my wife and even she says here we go again Stoner, Lorenzo and Danny. So next year she can say Rossi, lorenzo and Danny. Lets not worry about whats Rossi’s doing fix up the Rules and regs to bring back something we can be passionate about agian.

  • MikeD

    @Fred Santos:

    You said: Casey could run that bike. hahahahahaha

    You are a horrible person…i’ll see u burnning next to me in Motorcyclist Hell…ROTFLMAO.

  • Tyler, my point is:

    Rossi isn’t the “Master Bike Developer”.

    And yes, a championship is simple as i explained. A very nice bike and a good pilot. If the team can afford a “legendary”, better. Put Pedrosa on a satellite, or Vale on Duke… Rider is important, but more than him are the bike. Rossi proves this with this runaway. He can’t go around the problems.

    he’s a awesome rider, but shined only when he had excellent bikes. If he had a f**ked Duke or simple a Tech3 or a Gresini, i wanted to see if the legendary f*kin GOAT could handle.

  • Neil

    Kudos @ dc4go….you called it, things are gonna get interesting now…..

    I wonder if Hayden will have any input as to who his new teammate will be???

  • @MikeD

    Let’s make a hell’o a barbecue and watch Stoner moaning on Australian Touring Car Championship (ATCC) hahahahaha

  • Jonathan

    ^^^I’m with Alex^^^

    These musical chairs are making me giddy. I guess that Rossi will bring a bunch more sponsorship to the Piano brand than Dovi or Cal (who may yet be off to Duke himself). It’s not like Yamaha are hard up for a championship winner already, so giving a seat to Vale is by no means foolhardy. Interesting times!

  • Cesar

    Welcome back to Yamaha Rossi! Rossi knows what it takes to win, Ducati just couldnt provide that for him. Stoner changed his style to ride that Duc, Rossi didnt come to Ducati for that. Rossi is Rossi, he doesnt have to change his riding style, the Duc was supposed to be tamed for his style. Stoner has not won on a Yamaha, so you cant compare them. Who’s knows, Stoner probably’d suck on an under powered bike. Anyway lets enjoy this coming season. I will say it’d be a little empty without Stoner.

  • MikeD

    I swear sometimes i just come and read for the comments…it makes my day.

    Case in point————————>By Worthy: Lorenzo would be making epanadas on the corner if it wasnt for that bike.

    ROTFLMAO ! The mental picture is just too much.

  • Shafraz

    Im not gonna miss Moto GP Next Year :D

    Im with Alex too …

  • MikeD

    Cesar said:

    Stoner has not won on a Yamaha, so you cant compare them. Who’s knows, Stoner probably’d suck on an under powered bike. Anyway lets enjoy this coming season. I will say it’d be a little empty without Stoner.

    Im going to miss the “Canguro” going balls to the wall on his Honda, Duc and w/e he rode…that’s for sure. Everyone can call him Moaner and what not but the guy always brought a hell of a fight and made the others work for their cookies…HARD.

  • Steve Lang

    If this is true and it should be,… GOOD!

  • Yaaaaaaaaahoooooooo Vale!

    I wish Ducati the best tho, and hope to ‘ell the Audi bosses beat some Ducati management over the head and force them to do something different, finally. After all, they’ve lost the GOAT, so Audi is gotta be pissed and ready to make heads roll :-D !

    BTW, welcome to Ducati Corse, Cal Crutchlow :-) ???

  • MikeD says:

    Im going to miss the “Canguro” going balls to the wall on his Honda, Duc and w/e he rode…that’s for sure. Everyone can call him Moaner and what not but the guy always brought a hell of a fight and made the others work for their cookies…HARD.

    me too… i thin Stefan Bradl will give some tight battles too… and Lorenzo/Rossi. But the “Cold-blooded hunter” style from Stoner is remarkable.

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  • William

    Alex it’s not that Nicky is happy with the Results that he is getting. It is much more of the alternative opportunities out there with only two competitive teams. MOTOGP is essentially a JOKE, This is not to say the Riders are. He is not in line to get offered a ride on a competitive bike , Very few talented riders are, Crutchlow and Dovi can tell you that. So whats the next best thing Ducati yes Ducati . I call him Happy too, happy like a FOX yes the results are not good but if there is any potential for the future on an alternative team to the big two it would come from DUCAUDI.

    Yes your comment was merely pointing out the Total and blatantly OBVIOUS from the Current Ducati leadership but their has been a change in ownership and one can only hope a change in their racing program also.

  • David

    Way to go Niall Mackenzie for throwing your son under the bus just so you can scoop the Rossi story. I doubt Yamaha will want a Dad with happy fingers running around the pits/factory texting every thing he sees.

    Does anybody know if his son got a ride at Yamaha?

    If not, maybe he could make his dad proud and become a journalist.

    If Rossi is really going to Yamaha, then you can bet your Bippie that Stoner will be back soon. Shoveling cow shit on the farm down under just ain’t going to satisfy a racer like him. The chance to go head to head again with Rossi will be to much for him to resist.

    Maybe it’s Stoner/Spies on the new Suk team with boss man Kevin Schwantz.

  • Spamtasticus

    Let’s have a little reckoning here. All those who have any actual racing experience please elaborate so that we may put your comments into perspective and all those who do not, your comments are still valuable but must be seen within the correct framework:


    PS. I once did a track day does not count. Racing, as in trying to kill 30 other racers to get the $5 particle board plaque and spending $1200 in tires a weekend chasing $1000 in contingencies.

  • MikeD

    David says:
    Stoner will be back soon. Shoveling cow shit on the farm down under just ain’t going to satisfy a racer like him. The chance to go head to head again with Rossi will be to much for him to resist.

    How i wish this becomes true…sometime on the near future.
    Can’t stop foaming at the mouth thinking about those Stoner-Rossi battles…make it be on FACTORY Bikes, not some concentrated Superbikes (CRT,ART,w/e).

  • Spektre76

    I wonder if FIAT will come back to sponsor the bike?

  • Damo

    I am all for Valentino going back to Yamaha. We need more competition or Jorge will just run away with the title next year with Casey out of the picture. There will be no one to challenge him, unless Marquez blasts the time clocks in his rookie year (which isn’t impossible).

  • Steve Lang

    Stoner returning to Suzuki with Spies with boss Schwantz on board VS Rossi, Lorenzo, Maquez and the rest? Now that would be fun. Looks like things could be getting VERY interesting. Stoner could still hunt, fish and shovel cow shit between races. I’d like to see him stick around.

  • I remember a quote from Casey Stoner speaking of the remarkable difference in how fast HRC could bring new parts, bikes, etc., vs. how long it took to get nothing at Ducati.

    An article I read recently noted that for Laguna HRC had brought a completely new-spec RCV for #2 and the previous chassis with the new motor for Stoner, midseason, while Ducati brought a few new parts.

    I saw that picture of the 46 Desmo flying thru the sandtrap at Laguna, san Valentino, and I just knew . . . . of course, every picture you’ve seen of him lately, you just could see it was over.

    Interesting how Valentino’s insistence on Bridgestone has turned so difficult for the series.

    I wonder if Furusawa-san will be coaxed back ?

    This cements the two fundamentals of racing:

    1) Speed is money is speed. VR will round up midas-sized sponsor $$$$, and will be fast.

    . . . . and, just like any other sport,

    2) Winning fixes everything. IF he can make this come good, this Italian Adventure will be a footnote to his vast career, easily overlooked in the face of the depth of his accomplishments.

  • @ Joey Wilson: Remember why Rossi left HRC to begin with? They stopped updating the bike the way he thought they should…. Seems like these factories take turns doing this. The arrogance of these engineers because their bike works well a season or two is just stupid, and is why the series has not stayed competitive. Rossi was the target in ’04, and what riders lacked in ability, the factories tried to make up for in the bikes. Why not do the same for Stoner…? He should have been the target everyone wanted to beat. In fact the “GP7” Stoner beat Rossi with was just that. Good chassis, great power, and Rossi couldn’t keep up in certain tracks. Then they try everything that has failed them since the …? Retarded.

    @Fred: You are definitely a troll. KR Jr. Didn’t take anything g away from all the work Rossi and Burgess had to do to make the Yamaha competitive in ’04. Telling Yamaha they need more torque is hardly bike development. The fact that Rossi left HRC after ’03 because of lack of development to the RCV should be a tell tale sign that burgess and co. are so keen on development they can even criticize the “best bike on the grid” at the time. Burgess even admitted over the offseason between ’03 and ’04 that Yamaha’s M1 development was “well researched”. They just pushed the chassis development air more, and really pioneered the “handling vs power” battles we would see between the likes of Rossi, Biaggi, and Gibernau. You obviously need to educate yourself more in the sport before claiming a rider is not good at “developing” a bike.

  • smiler

    Interestingly because rossi is alegedly seen by McKenzie at Yamahahah Europe, he has already signed a contract anf gone? Fugiwara has been seen talking to Ducati. So presumably he will be going to Ducati and Rossi to Yamaha. MotoGp is as much about racing as perception. No doubt Rossi is not as good a developer as some say. However seeing as it was a team effort and he won wht 3 championships on it. Then you could say they took it to its pinnacle.
    As for him leaving Ducati. Given his comments earlier about Audi then everyone had him signed up at Ducati immediately. If he does leave then clearly his reputation will have taken a turn for the worse. Clearlyn Hayden is not as good a rider and yet has @ the same number of points this year. Stacey managed 2 4th places after screwing up the bike in 2008. if he does not win a championship on the M1 then he will have failed in many people’s eyes. Even worse if those that hop on and stay on become competitive. Ten Rossi will be seen as having taken the bike in the wrong direction. Very possible given the time Audi and more importantly Lamborghini have to provide input.
    I think it is a seriously risky move for him. lorenzon is not going to let him have No1 spot and will clearly give him a hard time. If Rossi comes 2nd or 3rd next yr he will have failed on the M1, to many.
    Many in Italy will also see it as a defection and failure to see it through.
    As for Hayden he could well come up smelling of roses by the end of next yr, if the bike is competitive. By the end ofmnext yr he could happiloy go to WSB on the Panigale, hain g ensured the Ducati becomes competitive. One way or another that bike will become competitive. Audi are very shewed. Selling Ducati to Lamborgini for example shows how they are thinking.
    Deal not done and a daft move for Rossi.

  • jack

    Spies to Ducati?

  • Chris

    Since it’s easy to copy and paste emmett’s article… Should be easy to copy and paste HIS RETRACTION.

  • All of this buzz and there’s several days remaining. Audi, not Ducati, still has time to counter Yamaha’s offer if they want.

    Ben Spies needs a team.

    @MikeD – I like the Stoner comment…many call him Moaner, but no one can rightfully say he didn’t elevate the competition

  • Audi’s offer could include a complete new bike and engineering team to Burgess/Rossi + whatever.

    No matter what, Audi knows how to win Motorsport races. Big changes are coming to the Ducati paddock.

  • kevind

    looks like its not real check out moto maters

  • Westward

    @ jack

    There are rumours of Spies going to BMW to team up with Melandri in WSBK. But I think Spies belongs in MotoGP. I would absolutely like to see Spies go to Ducati…

    @ Halfie30

    Stoner on the GP7 was culmination of several things going right for him. A new engine spec (800cc), development input of Capirossi, and the Bridgestone tyre superiority. It also didn’t hurt that he was a talented pilot as well. But Rossi identified the tires in 2007 as being a major reason Stoner was so good that season.

    So much so, that Rossi ditched Michelin in favour of Bridgestone, and with a Yamaha M1 not much different than the previous one, in 2008 he beat Stoner and the seemingly unstoppable Ducati…

    @ smiler

    If you are implying that Furusawa was in talks with Ducati, then that could be a game changing event for Rossi’s autograph on the most important piece of paper in the Ducati organization…

    @ Fred Santos

    Furusawa was made the chief engineer at Yamaha at the time of Rossi’s arrival to the Iwata factory. He has always praises Rossi for being greatly responsible for the development direction the M1 was engineered, with Burgess’s influence of course as well.

    It takes those three major elements of chief engineer, development pilot, and crew chief to work in a cohesive manner to bring about a championship winning bike. To slang off on Rossi’s contribution to the M1’s evolution, shows a glaring ignorance to an understanding of the situation.

    The Yamaha is the least powered bike of the all the manufacturers in MotoGP and they have won five of the last eight titles.

    Why? Because they are the best handling bike in the series, an influence that spilled of into WSBK and WSS that saw them win titles with Spies and Crutchlow as well. Thanks to Rossi (JB and Furusawa)…

    Rossi has won titles five different type of machines 1 x 125, 1 x 250, 1 x 500, 4 x 990, and 2 x 800cc motorcycles. That accomplishment along with being on the most podiums, and having the most victories in the premiere class is why he is arguably the Greatest Of All Time. The GOAT if you will…

    If he goes to Yamaha, I have no doubt he will win on the 1000 making it six types of motorcycle, and in two years time he will have surpassed Agostini for the most wins overall, and that will hands down make him the greatest.

    Should he stay with Ducati, I confidence that with the backing and resources of Audi (and if the newly planted rumour of Furusawa’s possible involvement), Rossi and company will make good and win again…

  • MikeD

    Furusawa giving orders and developing/shaping the next GP Desmo ? ! (O_O) Now i know the world is truly coming to the end… Italian made, Japanese designed and refined.

    Those Italians will set fire to the Duc factory before it ever happens…i can already picture it on my mind…(O_O)…Pitch Forks, Torches and a Mob…and old fashion witch hunt.

  • Fred Santos

    OK halfie, you win. It maybe the deaf ducat owners do not listen Rossi, ever and ever.

    @westward I’m not slanging off 100 percent… But deify the man will not prove anything. He’s awesome, but not good in everything. The fans thinks he the best mechanic, the best technician, the best tyre mounted, the best telemetry engineer…

    MikeD, when you comes to Brazil, drop down and we eat a portion of ribs and a roasted fish :)

  • MikeD

    @Fred Santos:

    Sure thing man…but im affraid the first thing i’ll go out of the plane and get me is one of those Euro-Black-Local mixed tanned beach girls with a tiny waist and ONE MASSIVE DONKEY…When someone mentions Brasil…….that’s all i can think of.
    I blame the Internet.

    …and now, back to our regular programing.

  • @ Westward: Thank you for driving my point home… LOL