Valentino Rossi Goes in for Surgery

11/15/2010 @ 1:06 pm, by Jensen Beeler6 COMMENTS

While Dani Pedrosa has been spared the surgeon’s knife for his broken collarbone, Valentino Rossi underwent his surgery this weekend for his injured shoulder, which will see the new Ducati rider out of action for 90 days. Rossi’s shoulder, which was a bigger factor in the 2010 season than the rider’s broken leg that saw him miss four races, was injured in April during a motocross cross-training accident, and plagued the Italian throughout the latter half of the 2010 season.

Surgeons at the Cervesi di Cattolica hospital preformed an arthroscopic procedure on Rossi’s supraspinatus tendon and glenoid ligament, encountering no complications in the procedure. Recovery times for this type of surgery typically last 12 weeks, which should mean that Rossi will be fit enough to test early next year at MotoGP’s second testing session.

“The condition of the shoulder was really critical: Valentino really had to be tough to keep racing with that kind of injury,” said surgeons Dr. Alex Castagna and Dr. Giuseppe Porcellini. “The intervention went well, without any complications. For rehabilitation, you’d usually need 90 days for that kind of injury but we’ll do our best in order to meet the requirements of the rider.”

While Rossi heals his wounds, he’ll have plenty on his mind during the rehabilitation sessions. With Ducati not making many changes to the Desmosedici GP11, Rossi and his crew will have to contend with the same front-end issues that plagued Stoner and Hayden in the 2010 season. While testing at Valencia last week, it was apparent that even The Doctor could not overcome the Ducati’s troublesome nature, so we’ll have to wait until next year to see how the team overcomes that challenge. Rossi intends to keep his fans abreast of his recovery on his personal website:

Source: MotoMatters; Photo: Yamaha Racing

  • Jake Fox

    Heal up quick Vale and come back stronger than ever!

  • johnlabu

    hope Rossi recover fast…..

  • GNMac

    For Ducati to not drastically improve upon the GP10 front end handling is plain BS – what do they they, that because they have one of the best riders in the paddock now they din’t have to improve the bike?? Plain lazy ass BS – fix you damn bike or step aside and let Rossi and Co. do it for you!

  • Damo

    I hope the GOAT recovers quickly.

    @GNMac I agree with you 100%

    If Ducati doesn’t make some drastic changes 2011 is going to be the Yamaha and Honda show all over again. (Which I don’t mind because I am a Honda fanboy)

  • Wish this guy a speedy recovery. On another note I must say that the guys/gals at A&R do a smashing job with their photos which are some of the coolest.

  • gnmac

    Pardon for my misspelling in the earlier post…late night post. Damo, I have to say I agree with you that it will be Yamaha’s and Honda’s year – with Spies and that douchebag of an alien they now call “Champion” on the factory M1’s and then the triple threat of Dani, Dovi, and the Aussie all riding under the Repsol HRC banner, whoa watch out Rossi & Hayden because the bull’s eye is on your backs! Dani & Dovi have consistently been riding in lockstep with the aliens pretty much all of this season and a good part of last, so needless to say they will be formidable this next year too…and now that Stoner has a bike he can consistently handle the front end on, he should be good for a few more podiums (even though I’d rather see Dani get it)!

    Seriously, though, Ducati needs to give The Doctor the Screamer plus fix the front end or else they just wasted $15 Mil and a competitive Xerox SBK team just so they could sell some red tee shirts with a big # 46 on the back!! He deserves so much more than a slap in the face like that!