Let’s Try This Again…Caption This Photo

07/17/2010 @ 3:07 pm, by Jensen Beeler21 COMMENTS
  • “Just a leetle bit longer, I tell you where I race for next year.”

  • “The large tumor on my back used to be only this big”

  • Alex B

    “Please Vale! Not the Darth Vader choke… I make the bike faster for you!”

  • ty


    All right-a, but-a thees ees tha last-a time-a that-a I take-a you anywhere-a with-a me-a!…

  • Go ahead, piss me off. I am this far away from going to Ducati!

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  • Andrew Gray

    “The Max Biaggi lookalike over there is really pissing me off and I’m this close to bitch slapping him”.

    “Oh Vale you naughty thing”.

  • Dodgy

    Maybe we break Jorge’s leg just a little bit?

  • V1

    Max biaggi’s penis is this small

  • tim

    I like older men Jeremy but your penis is too small

  • Ray

    “Oh please, Mr. Rossi, don’t make the others look too bad out there.”

    “OK, OK, I will beat them by this much only. Where’s my funny helmet?”

  • CBR600RR 09

    “And last night I told her it was only this big…”

    “Haha….your kidding right?”

  • aptimus prime

    Jerry, is very important for my superstitions that you must have a mohawk. Only this long on the sides, okay? Don’t worry, Uccio is an expert with the mohawk. He cut my hair before Mugello.

  • handtius

    my penis is thiiiiiis big.

  • aaron

    you must help me stop asphaltandrubber.com from running the “caption this photo” contest again! how many legs will they cause to be broken before people will learn???

    I’m pinching your face!

  • doug

    “Velentino- please, please stay with Yamaha” “Yamaha is only offering my this much of what Ducati is offering…. fools!”

  • TonyS

    Rossi “We need a….’ chiodo’ about this long for the tire of Lorenzo’s bike”

    PS – chiodo means nail in Italian.

  • vfr800 for president

    “if you ask me where i’m going next year one more time… im stabbing you in the eye with the invisible dart”

  • toni

    man, did you eat my nuts?

  • Neil

    JB: I am so excited Vale, when can we start to wear Ducati red?
    VR: Pssst, keep it down, Jeremy….soon, very soon…….

  • Neil

    Vale, can I please have my hearing aide back ????….