Ducati Corse’s joint launch with Ferrari kicked off today (not really, the official opener had to be postponed because of weather), and with it we get the first glimpses of Valentino Rossi in true Ducati colors, and not the yellow and black livery he had to wear during the Valencia test. Taking part in the Wrooom 2011 media event in the Dolomite Mountains, Rossi joins teammate Nicky Hayden in starting the new racing season with Ducati Corse.

Somewhere in between the skiing-filled days, and jacuzzi-soaked nights, a few things resembling a press conference will take place where Rossi will talk about his thoughts on the Desmosedici (scheduled for Tuesday), and Ducati will unveil the GP11 race bike (Q&A on the bike is scheduled for Wednesday), which may or may not feature a Big Bang motor (we think it will though).

For the week’s activities, Rossi and Hayden are joined by Ferrari’s Formula 1 drivers Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa, who will be doing similar media maneuvers for Ferrari this week. The foursome is schedule to compete in a head-to-head skiing battle on Friday, but we don’t expect Rossi to actually take to skis this year with his recovering shoulder (good money is on Alonso as Massa has never seen snow before, and most things that pass for skiing in Kentucky involve a car, a rope, and a McDonald’s food tray).

Source: Ducati Corse & GPone

  • pokheng

    finally…..but without the bike…i can’t wait to see Rossi with the bike…

    lorenzo…tahun ni makan asap la…..kena tapau dgn Rossi..hahahah…

  • Doctor Jelly

    Hey now, those McD trays work pretty good!

    Maybe they should copy a Top Gear challenge instead. Rossi takes a rally car down the mountain against the skiers, or something similar.

  • pokheng

    so what the name of the team????
    Marlboro Ducati Racing Team????i dont see any word of MARLBORO on Rossi’s suit..

  • hoyt

    rope and a food tray? sounds complicated. Grab a bumper while wearing worn soles

  • pokheng, same name it was last year. Marlboro cannot advertise its name because of anti-tobacco laws.

  • pokheng

    ooo i see..tq jensen dor that info

  • Jake Fox


    This begs the question, “What does Marlboro get out of sponsoring a sports team when they can’t advertise that sponsorship?” I seem to recall seeing advertisements on the bikes and on the tracks in certain countries where such advertising is not prohibited. Is this still the case?

  • That’s a good question. In the past the teams (Ferrari Formula 1 & Ducati MotoGP) have been able to run the barcode paint scheme (this seems to get more and more abstract each year), which mimics the Marlboro logo, and is strange enough that people ask questions about it, and get exposed to the brand in conversations very much like the one we’re having.

    I believe Qatar is the only country left on the MotoGP calendar that allows for tobacco advertising in motorsports.