TTXGP Entries Announced

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Entries for the upcoming TTXGP have been announced, and five teams have entered to run the Isle of Man on electric wheels. Mission Motors, EVO Design Solutions, Kingston University, Brammo, and Motorczysz will make up the field. The teams have just 64 more days to get their bikes ready for competition, which could be a tall order for some of them, whose bikes still only exist as CAD drawings.

We have a very reserved opinion on how TTXGP will go down. While these teams have been able to gain a great deal of attention in the blogsphere about their projects, it would seem virtually all of them haven’t actually built even a prototype yet (excluding Brammo). In the tech industry, we call this Vaporware, and with less than 10 weeks before race day, we have a hard time conceiving how all these teams will be able to deliver in this short of a time frame. Never-the-less, the TTXGP will be a big day not only for electric motorcycle racing, but also for electric motorcycles in general. Continue reading for a description of each team from their press releases.

Mission Motors


Mission Motors will race in the TTXGP with veteran motorcycle racer Tom Montano on the Mission One. Mission Motors is touting the Mission One as the fastest production electric motorcycle, the TTXGP should be a fine time for them to back that statement up with fact. With 25 years of racing experience, Montano, has achieved top-level finishes at the AMA, AFM, WERA, FIM & the Isle of Man. He also holds the distinction of being one of the fastest Americans around the Isle of Man TT course. Mission Motors will enter the Mission One in the Pro A class of the inaugural TTXGP.

EVO Design Solutions


The EV-0 RR was created by design firm Xenophya Design with the goal of creating an evocative and exciting concept that would inspire sponsors to buy into the electric sportbike concept. The bike certainly looks the part, but then again that’s what Xenophya does for a living. The real test will be whether or not the EVO Designs Solution team can create the bike in real life. For the TTXGP, EVO Design Solutions is supposedly bringing 2 different models for the race:

  • EV-0 RR (twin GMS-M1 motor, carbon monocoque construction, lithium based battery technology, micro generator)
  • EV-0 R (single GMS-M1 motor, carbon monocoque construction, lithium based battery technology)

UK team EVO Design Solutions is based in Grantham, Lincolnshire, in the East Midlands. The EVO team will be entering three bikes into the TTXGP – the EV0-R (Open Class x2) and the EV0-RR (Pro Class). Olie Linsdell will ride the Pro Class entry, while Paul Owens and 7-times TT winner Mick Grant will ride the Open Class bikes.

Kingston University


Kingston University in the U.K. has entered the Firstest. Again, this another bike that as far as we know, still only exists in CAD form. The Firstest will be powered by Lithium-Ion Phosphate batteries, and is anticipated to do about 70 mph around the Isle of Man circuit. What really excites us about this entry is the fact that it is a student project. Additionaly, Maria Costello, Kingston University’s rider, is a Guinness World Record holder as the fastest woman to lap the Isle of Man TT course.

Brammo – Enertia Electric


Brammo, the US manufacturer of the Enertia Electric motorcycle, was one of the first commercial teams from America to enter the TTXGP. A modified version of its Enertia motorcycle is currently under development for entry into the TTXGP. The Enertia is already available for purchase in the US and there are plans in place to make the Enertia road legal and commercially available in the UK. The Brammo team’s entry into the TTXGP is called the Enertia TTR and seasoned TT racer Roy Richardson will be the rider.



Recently announced through a cryptic blog entry on the Motoczysz website, Motoczysz has decided to enter an electric motorcycle that would seem to carry-over some of the design and technology from its C1 MotoGP attempt.  The rider will be Mark Miller.

Frame: MotoCzysz Carbon Fiber/Aluminum “Open Architecture”
Front Suspension: MotoCzysz 6X flex with gas filled single Ohlins damper
Rear Suspension: Ohlin’s with MotoCzysz swingarm and linkage
Front wheel / brakes: 16.5 x 3.5 Carbon BST with 320mm Brembo
Rear wheel / brakes: 16.5 x 6.25 Carbon BST with 220mm Brembo
Drive: MotoCzysz PMDC propulsion pack
Energy: Lithium Ion ‘Hot swap’ battery packs/digital configuration up to 15kWh
Control: 2,400A with regen
Weight: 195Kg
Power: 115hp+
Torque: 300 Ftlbs peak, 150 Ftlbs nominal
Max speed: 150mph+ (w/ single speed gear box)
175mph+ (w/ multi speed gear box)

Imperial College


The Imperial College of London will have an entrant as well. Basing their design off a production motorcycle, and adding an electric motor in place of the gasoline powered one, the students hope to benefit from the engineering already in place in modern sport bikes. Their bike is slated to make 50hp, and weigh 640 lbs. From what we can gather, a Suzuki Hayabusa will serve as the donor motorcycle.