We are now halfway through with the “TT Legends” documentary, with today’s fourth of eight installments featuring the venerable Isle of Man TT. Part one of two, Episode Four introduces one of the most iconic races in motorcycling.

Over 100 years old, every motorcycle enthusiast should make a pilgrimage to the Isle of Man — the only downside is that once you go, you will want to go again, and again, and again…

Raced on city streets, with speeds hitting over 200 mph down the Sulby Straight, it is easy to see why Honda Pro Racing’s factory road racing and endurance squad borrows its name from the TT.

Featuring some of the best IOMTT riders on its team, to keep things honest, the Isle of Man TT is really where the Honda TT Legends team shines. Enjoy!

Source: Honda Pro Racing (YouTube); Photo: © 2012 Daniel Lo / Corner Speed Photo – All Rights Reserved

  • Starmag

    Great series Jensen.

    Is McPint the bravest and best ROAD racer ever? Ago and Joey never dealt with speed like this. The fact he seems so down to earth and a nice guy is also a plus.

  • Slangbuster

    Enjoyed that! Thanks for posting.

  • Tom Mullaney,DVM

    John is salt of the earth-I wish him God Speed in all his racing. Be well John and ride swift and safe.

  • L2C

    Another great one. And I really don’t know how Simon Andrews manages to continue on. Jeez.

  • Stanford Crane

    Simply brilliant! I tip my hat to them all, but especially to John.

  • Just a cracking, top-drawer series. Fantastic.

  • Starmag

    I’d really love to have the badass Mcpint t-shirt offered on Ebay, but I’m afraid I’m too cheap. $50 for a t-shirt=ouch.

  • KSW

    That race is just a part of my soul now I think. Like a certain Mr. Beeler I too have been lucky enough to be there and it’s now an annual thing. This really is a great video because TT Legends has been allowed to use on track footage of not just Team Legends riders but any on track footage they wanted/needed. The photo above by Mr. D-Lo is really a great shot because the background isn’t available everywhere and it totally twists you brain about what you perceive the TT course to be. If you’re a hard core TT fan, new racer or want the inside scoop on the circuit check out Milky Quayle’s training video for new riders here: Well worth the click.