While it is still not clear whether the San Carlo Honda Gresini team will race with Hiroshi Aoyama in the upcoming Valencian GP, the Gresini Racing team has confirmed it will at least travel to the final MotoGP round. The Gresini Racing team has confirmed that many members of the San Carlo Honda Gresini MotoGP team will be present at the spanish track, and that the customary team pit box will be setup with Marco Simoncelli’s #58 Honda RC212V on display to tribute the fallen rider.

At the Gran Premio Generali de la Comunitat Valenciana, the MotoGP community is planning a tribute for the late Italian rider, who tragically died at the Malaysian GP in an incident that involved Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi. While the Gresini squad will be in attendance for the memorial in Valencia, it is not clear whether team principal Fausto Gresini will let either Aoyama or the Gresini Moto2 squad compete in the Spanish race. Gresini had hinted after the fateful Malaysian weekend that the team would not compete in Valencia, but a definitive statement is expected after the Simoncelli’s funeral tomorrow.

Marco Simoncelli will be laid to rest Thursday in his home town of Coriano, Italy. A public viewing of Simoncelli’s body was held today, with the funeral scheduled for tomorrow at 3:00pm at the church of Santa Maria di Coriano.

Source: FIM; Photo: © 2011 Scott Jones Photography – All Rights Reserved

  • RJ

    They should let Aoyama race, the grid is light as it is…

    Setting up the pit and putting the #58 bike on display is a fitting gesture to a great racer and person. But I’m sure if Super Sic could speak from beyond he’d say “Let’s do what’s best for the sport we all love, let’s do what we do, let’s go Racing!!!!”

  • Steve Lang

    Absolutely they should race with as much fanfare as possible in tribute to Simoncelli. I’m sure he would not want it any other way. Race!

  • Kk

    Yeah I don’t think it’s fair to ayoama to make Jim sit out ESP since its his last motogp race (for the foreseeable future).

    I almost can’t wait for next weekend to see what they do to honor him. I have a feeling it will be special

  • Odie

    I think they should race. These kinds of tragedies can give rise to some inspired performances. Case in point: Sete Gibernau after Dajiro Kato died in 2003. As people have pointed out already, it’s what SuperSic would have wanted. He lived for it and, tragically but fittingly, died for it. He was a “win it or bin it” racer.

  • Chance Gray

    Well said Odie!

  • MikeD

    It’s the time to put emotions aside and do what must be done.
    He’s dead but the world keeps revolving. Those who dwell on the past can’t move forward towards a new future. Let’s let the guy rest already.
    Let the other racer(s) do “his thing”.

    Im sure #58 would have done it that way.

  • Jimmy Midnight

    Everyone here in agreement? That never happens!
    Viva La Super Sic!!