Team Agni Wins Inaugural TTXGP

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In case you missed it this morning, the first running of the TTXGP, a zero-emission TT held on the Isle of Man, occurred today with Team Agni being the victor. Team Agni has dominated the whole week, setting the fastest times in both practice sessions. Their bike, piloted by Rob “Rocket” Barber, is a modified Suzuki GSXR frame, with Agni’s proprietary electrical motor in place of the standard internal combustion engine. Report and results below.

Barber lapped the Mountain Course in just under 26 minutes, averaging a speed of over 87mph. This performnace allowed Team Agni to win by a margin of nearly 3 minutes, but as many spectators will tell you, all the teams that completed the TTXGP were victorious.

Finishing the TTXGP was not easy as the Mountain Course claimed its fair share of bikes. With 15 bikes starting the race, only 9 teams were able to complete the course. Among those not finishing was Brammo’s Roy Richardson, who had posted strong times in both practices, and was a podium hopeful. A little bit less surprising was the showing from Mark Miller and the MotoCzysz team.

MotoCzysz has been plagued all week with problems, and while a very fast bike, was unable to finish the course on race day.

Another disappointment was team EV-0 RR, which arrived late to the Isle of Man, and was unable to field a bike to start the race. Many of the teams that could not qualify on during the practice sessions, we given the opportunity to run today, so-long as they wore the orange “Novice” vests. We had hoped to see EV-0 RR in this regard, but alas their bike never materialized.

Race Results from the First TTXGP Zero Emissions Race

Pos. Team Rider Class Speed Time Diff.
1 Team Agni Rob Barber PRO 87.434 0:25:54
2 XXL Thomas Schoenfelder PRO 77.841 0:29:05 -0:03:11
3 Brammo Mark Buckley PRO 75.35 0:30:03 -0:04:09
4 Mission Motors Thomas Montano PRO 74.091 0:30:33 -0:04:40
5 Electric Motorsport Chris Heath OPEN 66.022 0:34:17 -0:08:24
6 HTBLAUVA – TGM Paul Dobbs PRO 62.575 0:36:11 -0:10:17
7 Barefoot Motors Racing Chris Petty OPEN 62.219 0:36:23 -0:10:30
8 TORK John Crellin OPEN 60.475 37:26.0 -0:11:33
9 Brunel X-Team Stephen Harper PRO 40.092 0:56:28 -0:30:34
RET ManTTx Racing Dan Kneen OPEN
RET Brammo Roy Richardson PRO
RET Kingston University George Spence OPEN
RET MotoCzysz Mark Miller PRO
DNS EV-0 RR Paul Owen PRO