Team Agni Confirmed for TT Zero

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Officially official now, Team Agni has confirmed their entrance into the Isle of Man’s TT Zero electric racing event. Although we’ve suspected for some time that this announcement would come, Agni through up a dust storm a couple months ago when they said they would not compete at the Isle of Man if generators were being used to power the TT Zero paddock. The use of generators was quickly denied by TT Zero organizers, and apparently Team Agni was content with their response. For 2010, Agni will field two bikes on the TT Zero grid, with the hopes of achieving the first 100+mph speed average over the Mountain Course.

Returning to Team Agni will be the 2009 race winner, Rob Barber. Barber lapped the TT at 87.434 mph last year, and is the man to beat in 2010. Joining him on the grid will be Jenny Tinmouth, the fastest woman to ever lap the Isle of Man course. The pair make a formidable force to contend with, but all eyes will likely be on the machine Team Agni brings to the course.

With almost zero details making their way out of the north London shop, everyone will be watching to see if this ‘little team’ can topple the big guns once again, and bring a bike that can topple some of the best design from the US and abroad. On top of their participation in the TT Zero this yaer, Team Agni is also expected to race in all three TTXGP rounds, making their racing schedule quite full. With this being the case, we should have a glimpse before the TT as to how strong of a bike Agni has developed for 2010.

Source: IOMTT