Sunday at Silverstone with Scott Jones

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  • Jdawg

    brave of rossi to pillion with crutchlow after his weekend lol.

    marquez is just learning with every nanosecond, he is just excited to be racing at the highest level. even if he comes out second best you get the feeling he’s just playing cat & mouse and he gets off the bike with a smile a thousand miles wide.

    by contrast has anyone else noticed how dejected pedrosa has been since his injury, on the podiums, when moving between interviews etc? fair enough, it’s a set back but he’s clearly not pleased at having to move aside. even though thats not the case and the championship is not out of his reach yet, it’s definitely not the mark of a champion.

  • Aero

    Please try to add some details with shots.

  • L2C

    The thing about Pedrosa is that he is faster than both Lorenzo and Márquez. But Pedrosa doesn’t pass those guys when he has a chance for some reason – and I don’t understand it. It seems that when the game is too aggressive for him, he chooses the less risky option and follows them around like a puppy.

    He talks about tires being worn and blah blah blah, but he never lays it on the line. His strategy to win doesn’t account for worn tires or aggressive riders, things have to play out more or less perfect for him to take the top spot on the podium.

    And that’s just for this year, last year he had some moments where he improvised and it did wonders for his game. I haven’t seen that same spark this year.

    Yesterday, Dani caught up to Marc and Jorge for what? Worn tires would not slow down or deter either Marc or Valentino, if a win or championship were at stake. But Dani doesn’t push beyond that. And, I know, his history with injuries account for much of this in his psychology. Still he needs a breakthrough because the reality of MotoGP doesn’t cater to his state of mind, or anyone else, it only rewards and punishes based on actions taken.

    Either Dani wants to be top dog or he doesn’t. I’m still a big fan of his – but no one is going to give him a championship. He has to want it, he has to take it. He has to take no prisoners.

    There are only six races left. If Dani is to have a psychological breakthrough, he has to win the whole damn thing. It is the only way forward for him. It is the only way for him to acquire a champion’s mindset. Otherwise, he will be riding the same plateau for the rest of his career.

  • JW

    This is mounting up to be one of the best seasons for the sport in recent history!

    @ L2C:
    I think I do need to take a logics class as you suggested last week.

    Here you are freely ranting about Dani front and center calling him a puppy, tires blah blah blah and that he never lays it on the line. when a week ago I ranted about Dani with my own similar frustrations and you let me have it for disrespecting him. So you must be the worthy one and we are not?

  • JW


    What you should do is revisit that thread and read my responses to your accusations of bullying and whatever else.

    You said that Dani still has a ride with HRC because he is Spanish. That is more than disrespectful. Not only did you denigrate him and his career, you also denigrated an entire country and all of its people. Which would mean that you denigrated Jorge, Marc and Alvaro, as well.

    The difference between what you said and my recent criticisms of Pedrosa, is that I appreciate him as an athlete who has by any measure had a successful career. Unlike you, I don’t hold it against him that he has yet to win a championship in the premiere class.

    And this last detail is what you should be cognizant of. My criticism is of his recent efforts in the premiere class. In other words, pay attention to the context before you start blabbering on with your nonsense. Because, yes, Dani is faster than Jorge and Marc. And, yes, he follows them around without taking charge of the situation – which is distinctly different and contrary to his performance during the second half of last season.

    JW, why don’t you give it up? Either that or keep it simple. Just because you’re pissed off at being called out, doesn’t make you right.

    In addition, you should learn to respect your ignorance by keeping quiet in order to become a better listener. You would learn a whole lot more if you took the time to understand that which you do not understand. Mouthing off emotional mishmash will not get you any closer.

  • L2C

    HAHA… that last post is from me – not JW! But rest assured, I do follow my own advice.

  • Kev71

    Why was Rossi on Cal’s bike with him?

  • paulus – Thailand

    VR ran out of fuel… needed a lift

  • Mike

    It is true that Dani is very somber these days.
    Does not matter if 2nd or 3rd but there does not seem to be any relief when he gets
    off the bike . The others Marc as someone said is just happy to be riding, Jorge of course
    is more happy when winning but always seems positive that he gave his best even if not placing 1st.
    But yes does seem something is up with Dani
    Even all this podium pics in this article.