Sunday at Qatar with Scott Jones

04/07/2013 @ 3:42 pm, by Scott Jones9 COMMENTS
  • L2C

    Once again, thanks for the great shots, Scott!

  • Mkh

    Return of the king !!

    Coming back from starting at 7th on the grid,
    What a season opener !

  • Cpt.Slow

    Best start to a GP I can remember… Love the new FP / Qualifying format. Cal, Bradl, and Dovi, hats off!

  • MVP

    The Return of the King!! It’ll only be a matter of time until Rossi wins this year. He is hungrier than ever and will push the limit.

  • Westward

    A mistake, saved by the influence of Capirossi salvaged Rossi’s prospects. Rossi is due for a few flawless race before seasons end…

    I still think he could take the title from Lorenzo this year…

    As for Marquez, simply brilliant. Starting the season like an alien. He may even win a title before Pedrosa ever does….

  • SBPilot

    This race showed why Rossi is so great. The moves he did to pass were incredible. Cal was just as close as Rossi to Marquez and Pedrosa but never had the talent to pull off passes like Rossi, and this is what sets him apart.

    I like both Marquez and Rossi and was rooting for MM to pass Pedrosa forever, but I have to say, Rossi could probably have challenged Lorenzo if he didn’t have to avoid hitting Pedrosa in the beginning.
    Just look at the times, Rossi was constantly doing 55’s like Lorenzo, over half a second quicker than the Repsol guys and Cal.

    This looks like a good year, and now, even qualifying is worth watching, much like F1.
    Next year may even be better with CRT’s using M1 engines, ala Espargaro and DePuniet.

  • lance

    Scott hello,
    Really beautiful photography. It brings so many of the elements of the race to life. I wondered as race fans and some of us amateur photographers whether you might consider doing a piece to show us how we might set ourselves up for success when bringing a camera to a bike race.
    While we don’t have the paddock access highlighting thing like ;
    how to freeze motion on a bike travelling 190 mph?
    how to create a great sense of blur to signify speed?
    where on the track is the best place for an amateur to improve success, and why?
    what lens are your go to ones and why?

    Again thanks for sharing your photos they are spectacular.

  • Glad you enjoy the photos!

    Lance, those are good questions, many requiring lengthy answers. But to try to help a bit in this space…

    I usually don’t even try to shoot the bikes when they are going 190–most images are made at the slower sections of the track as long as something dramatic is happening there. Even our fancy pro gear isn’t fast enough to keep up with MotoGP bikes at full speed.

    A sense of speed from blur comes with using slower shutter speeds, which requires lots of practice. But with digital photography this practice is now inexpensive and can be done anywhere something is moving, not just the race track. Practice at other sports, at the park where a dog is chasing a ball, etc.

    Some tracks are better for non-credentialed access than others. I’m lucky because my home circuit, Laguna Seca, is pretty good. But most pros started out as amateurs from the fan side of the fence, so don’t let this stop you from learning.

    My gear list is here:

    Occasionally I teach a class on motor sports photography, which is announced first in my newsletter, sign up at if you’re interested.

    Hope that helps!

  • lance

    Scott hello,
    Thank you for taking the time to give us some of the photo tips you use in shooting. It is encouraging to know that even pros can’t effortlessly shoot bikes at 190 mph Loved your ”gear list ”post, for anyone else who would love to know more about how these great shots happen it is worth a peek.
    Ok no more photo talk, now back to Rossi predictions …
    Vancouver BC