Sunday at Laguna Seca with Scott Jones

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  • L2C

    I really hope Bradl keeps his seat and continues to stick it to the front runners. And he really should be running with them on a regular basis. I hope his confidence remains high, because he definitely showed this weekend that he has the right stuff.

    Bradl’s just as fast as Márquez when he wants to be. He just needs to make it over that final hurdle of consistency.

    Needless to say, I was enormously impressed with his performance yesterday.

  • CameronLars

    I absolutely agree on Stefan Bradl. It would be an awful shame not to see him next year (or to see him accept a non-competitive bike) .

    Stefan has stepped up a lot in the last few rounds and I think the witch to Brembo brakes has really helped a lot. From what I understand, Honda extended the option on his contract to see what he would do at Laguna Seca and what better performance could Honda have asked for? He got his first podium and it gave Honda a points boost in the Constructors championship. Sure, Marquez caught him, but he has the very best Honda can provide and I am sure Honda would have preferred Marquez win anyways (Congrats to Marquez though, that was some impressive racing).

    I like Cal, but I wonder if he could do more than Stephan on that LCR bike? Think how much more he would be complaining about his LCR (although he seems to complain a little less about the Yamaha now that negotiations are taking place).

    If Crutchlow took his ride and didn’t go to Ducati, who is Ducati’s 2nd choice for Nikki’s open seat? Would they offer a ride to Bradl? Audi + a German rider …? It seems like a rider like Scott Redding would be better suited for a “Junior” team, if he hasn’t already accepted the 2nd Gresini bike.

  • “I like Cal, but I wonder if he could do more than Stephan on that LCR bike?”

    I’d be very surprised if he could without a season of struggling and/or mishaps under his belt first. He’s spent a bunch of time learning to ride the M1. The RC213V is an entirely different beast. Who knows, though; it could be that the Honda immediately feels like home to him and he just flies.

    I was really happy for Bradl this weekend and was disappointed for him that he didn’t manage the win. Marquez was just a beast, however, and would not be denied.

  • jet

    Bradl did very well yesterday on a full tank of fuel but as it burned off, his bike started to fade and marquez’s bike stayed at the same pace which won him the race.Watching them race from section 4-d was awesome including the smell of burn’t fuel,simply heaven….lol

  • CameronLars

    Well stated Trane, I agree with everything you said. I was out of my seat as soon as he had that perfect start. Followed by 10 laps of dread as Marquez caught up (“Please don’t crash, please don’t crash!”, but Bradl handled it impressively).

    Crutchlow does put in a lot of effort and it is obvious how hard he works. He’s definitely transformed since he moved over from WSBK.

    I’m partial to Bradl and think he has a lot more to bring to the table (LCR obviously loves him and stated that their Sponsors are all pleased). Rumor is top Staff at Honda had a private meeting with Bradl w/o LCR present after the race. Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. I’m anxious to see how much of the silly season is resolved by Indy.

  • kev71

    Great ride by MM and rumors of losing their seats must have spurred on the rides by Bradl and Bautista. Rossi looked pretty good considering the Yamaha’s tendencies. I was wondering if Bautista was going to torpedo Rossi, unfortunately those of us who were watching SPEED did not see their showdown in the last turn or at the finish line. I guess next year I’m gonna spring for the package so I can know more of what’s going on (my fault, should have done it this year).

  • New Zealand Dan

    MotoGP showed the same footage of MM crossing the line as opposed to an actual race between competing riders.