Strategic Meeting for Ducati Corse This Week

12/06/2010 @ 12:03 pm, by Jensen Beeler8 COMMENTS

Jeremy Burgess and crew are reportedly having a meeting with Ducati Corse in Bologna this week in order to discuss and finalize the basic outline for the Ducati Desmosedici GP11. The biggest question on the agenda is whether to use the “Screamer” or “Big Bang” motor for next year.

Other items likely to be discussed include the weight balance of the GP11 (something we already saw Burgess and Rossi working on in Valencia), and the forward fairing design. Tweets from Rossi’s Mechanic Alex Briggs confirm that he and Burgess were at least headed into Rome from Australia this weekend, seemingly confirming this report.

While Nicky Hayden tested both motors at the end of the season Valencia test, Rossi only rode on the Big Bang motor. Historically the Screamer has produced a class crushing amount of power, but proved to be very un-rideable as a total package. Meanwhile the Big Bang remained competitive against its peers, but provided riders with more feedback. Judging from Nicky Hayden’s preference for the latter, and the idea behind the devil you know, we imagine Rossi’s crew will lean towards the Big Bang setup as well.

With the GP11 more or less just a revision on the GP10, it will be interesting to see what improvements Burgess and Rossi can make to the machine in just a few month’s time, but the real test will be the GP12, which Rossi is expected to play a larger role in developing.

Source: Moto.Caradisiac; Photo: © 2008 Jensen Beeler / Asphalt & Rubber – Creative Commons – Attribution 3.0

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  • MikeD

    Hell Yeah Screamer, im sick and tired of all that long bang, short bang, big bang, ur mama got banged BS Preaching and Lecturing. Yes we know it works WONDERS for rear wheel traction, comes with a bag of unicorn horn dust that makes the bike shoot rainbows out of the can and what not, im just fed up of hearing about it.
    Specially on the Stinking M1 and it’s SBC style Crank. Let the riders tame it with the rigth wrist…screw all the electronic trickery aids and fancy firing order.

  • steveo

    You are an idiot. Hmm if you want to 2 strokes go back to I believe 93 when the Long bang came out. All the electronics in the world can’t make up for a poorly balanced over pwerful machine…

    You would be foolish to say that it makes no difference and let the rider sort it out. Go ride a couple bikes V-twin, I4, triple, then a new R1 and you might hold a bit back with your keyboard it has to do with the riders ability to understand an available amount of traction at a given moment in a given turn and when the power can be turned on and off without upsetting a given line in a given corner. While at speeds well beyond the realm of what a normal riders perspective is.

    The engine the placement the weight distribution are all huge factors that came into exsistence back when Magnetos and 350 was BIG bike. Its funny how you can think that electronics do it all if so why did Casey crash so much then go to the top of the sheets on the Honda???

  • Ralph

    Why… because the Desmosedici in whatever GP # (GP4 to GP10) rendition ask for a stable frontend, unlike the YZR-M1 which can be pushed from the word Go!

    Casey and Nicky had to warm the front ‘wheely’ well before they could start pushing ie. digging deep in corners.
    Albeit some major spills by both riders.

    The verdict is the BIG Banger instead of the Screamer.

    Screw all electronics?
    It’s MOTOGP, Pinnacle of Motorracing!

    Then screw all data logging too!

  • MikeD

    Ligthen up Dude, it’s only the Internet!…u know ? when did i metioned 2 smokes ? when did i said it makes no difference ? I just want someone to go off the beaten path, thats all. Like trying racing by oneself and no electronic nanny(s) aids. I don’t care who’s got what, let the riders figure it out or get scatter trying. Is just an opinion…u don’t have to agree, is ok.
    And to make things C00L i’m tweeting Rossi and telling him that we have found his “Most Angrily Retarded # 1 Idiot Follower, Ego Stroker and The Rossi/M1 Shrine Missing Maintenance Guy” , Steveo.

    There, Are we cool now ? Chill dude, no need to go offending others to make ur point(s).

  • MikeD

    Make ur point and Be C00L like Ralph up there…(^_^ )

  • irksome

    Big Bang v. Screamer? How’s about getting the front end to quit tucking in?