Shoya Tomizawa Dies after Moto2 Crash at Misano

09/05/2010 @ 4:57 pm, by Jensen Beeler14 COMMENTS

More sad news from MotoGP this weekend, as we have recieved word that Shoya Tomizawa died today during a tragic accident in the Moto2 race at the San Marino GP. Entangling with riders Scott Redding and Alex de Angelis, Tomizawa sustained massive injuries to his chest and back, and later succumbed to those injuries at the hospital in Riccione. Tomizawa was in fourth, battling with the lead group, when he crashed during the 12th lap of the race.

Struck by de Angelis’ bike, Tomizawa was rushed to the hospital via ambulance, where he was pronounced dead shortly thereafter. The incident was felt by the entire MotoGP paddock, where riders are still recovering from the loss of Peter Lenz, the 13 year-old USGPRU rider who died at Indianpolis last weekend during the Indianapolis GP, who was memorialized before the start of the 125 GP race.

Talking of the Japanese rider, fellow GP riders consistently spoke of the Tomizawa’s promising future and charismatic personality. Tomizawa will go down in history as winning the first Moto2 race ever, held during this year’s Qatar GP, and was known in the paddock for being a positive and good-humored person.

Toni Elías, who won the Moto2 race at the San Marino said: “All I feel is sadness right now and my victory today is irrelevant. I was talking and joking with Tomizawa only yesterday in the Clinica Mobile and to think that he is no longer with us is truly awful. Even today we were out there racing together when he was in front of me before this incredible tragedy. He has left an indelible mark on my life.”

This is another dark day in motorcycle racing, and our thoughts and prayers go out to Tomizawa’s friends and family.

Source: MotoGP

  • Peter

    This is bad timing. Peter Lenz a week ago, and now this?

  • Peter

    Should have read the full article before posting that. lol.

  • CBR600RR 09

    Excuse me Asphalt and Rubber.

    But Scott Redding AND Alex De Angelis collided with Tomizawa. Scott connected with his head and Alex with his Chest/Torso. Both were flung from there bikes with Scott Redding also going to the Clinica Mobile due to potential broken bones, however he was lucky and concussed. Alex walked away, with a 4th rider colliding with debris and also walking away.

    This is a sad story and Tomi will never be forgotten.

  • Terry Lemmons

    It is a disgrace how the track workers handled the injured rider , rushing to get him on a back board, no neck brace, and dropping him . A EMT buddy of mine said after he watched the the video , I smell lawer. Dorna said they did not stop the race because of safety concerns.Let me ask a question , has anyone every been injured on the red flaging of any race anywhere. The race should have been stopped and aid on track. The time it took to get him to any type of aid was criminal. When NASCAR has a injury they have a med and extraction team at the site in seconds . Somthing must change in the way injured riders are cared for on the track . Dorna do something desides cover your ass. Terry lemmons

  • ML

    My heart goes out to his family, friends, and team. Tragic loss of such a young talent with a great future ahead of him. Rest in peace…

  • SuperMike

    @ CBR600RR 09:

    You got it backwards. DeAngelis hit Tomizawa first, in the head, then Redding ran over his torso. Doesn’t matter really. It’s tragic either way.

    RIP Shoya Tomizawa

  • Steve Lang

    Great point on the ridicules method used in the these type of crashes by the workers. Stop the race. Get immediate medical aid to the injured rider and stabilize them. The way they handled it was absulte joke. They very well may have caused much more severe injury to the riders. Stupid. And yes…CRIMINAL!

    Steve Lang

  • I’m afraid I agree with the points above about the way Tomizawa was treated. I admit I am not an expert so perhaps this is just my ignorance showing, but looking at the Video, it was shocking to see how roughly Tomizawa was tossed onto a stretcher and dragged away.

    I thought that the race should have been red flagged immediately so that treatment could be safely given where he lay. A broken body is very fragile, you can’t just pick it up and dump it on a stretcher. This is how spinal cords can be torn, etc.

    Surely at track side, a medical team can travel to the victim much faster than the victim can be carried to the medical team! If not then that also needs to be changed.

    I was also disturbed by the way that race officials are already trying to deflect blame, saying how the best thing to do for the injured riders was NOT to stop the race. Now how is that possible! If a mistake was made, admit it damn it, and make changes! Otherwise the same darn stupid mistakes will keep happening.

    John van Houten

  • Isaac

    R.I.P Tomizawa-san

    My tribute:


  • Isaac
  • Loki

    I also agree with the fact that the race should have been halted. This being said, sadly, I don’t think that would have helped Shoya at all. Really, I was surprised that he was even alive right after the crash…

    Either way, Reqviem In Pace, Tomi!

  • Peter

    Just found out that he was only 19!!!!


  • Willie


  • Ralph

    Such an unlucky crash…

    Tomi-san may he rest in peace!

    Here’s Dr Macchiagodena view on the non-race stop and rider handling.

    Moto2 should have been red flagged!

    A fellow dutchmen Tristan Lentink was hit in his abdominal too at the start of the Assen TT, Supersport 600! Recovering well…