Segway Returns to Sponsor MotoCzysz for 2012

03/26/2012 @ 1:53 pm, by Jensen Beeler8 COMMENTS

For 2012, Segway returns as the title sponsor for MotoCzysz’s electric motorcycle racing program, with the team’s first race set to be the TT Zero event at the Isle of Man TT. Continuing the special sauce that lead MotoCzysz to a 1-2 victory at the Isle, Segway Racing hopes to be the first and fastest team to crack the 100 mph average lap speed barrier for electrics on the Mountain Course.

Rumored to be bringing another all-new 2012 MotoCzysz E1pc to the iconic road race, MotoCzysz’s biggest competition will come from a now more-developed Lightning “Flying Banana” and wild card Honda Mugen Shinden. Further entrant announcements are still expected as well.

“It says a lot about the program and the relationships when everyone returns,” said Team Principal Michael Czysz. ” Last year’s race was executed to near perfection, with Segway Racing MotoCzysz taking first and second, this year we hope to do even better. I think the TT Zero race this year will be one of the highlights at the IOM. We are bringing something very special,” added Czysz.

There is no word yet on whom will ride the Segway Racing MotoCzysz bike(s), though we would expect to see the return of Mark Miller and Michael Rutter to the team’s roster. Narrowly missing the 100 mph average lap speed mark, Czysz et al will be gunning not only to take home the £10,000 note from the Isle of Man government, but make three years in a row of TT dominance.

Photos of the 2011 MotoCzysz E1pc:

Photos: © 2011 Jensen Beeler / Asphalt & RubberCreative Commons – Attribution 3.0

  • Rob

    awesome….can’t wait for this

  • Dr. Gellar

    I’m with Rob…me too!

    Too bad though…if the IOM TT will indeed be the bike’s first appearance, it looks like MotoCzysz will be passing on the first couple of 2012 North American TTXGP rounds. Not surprising really (for a number of reasons, including the fact that the IOM is THE most important electric race of the year). But considering Round 2 of the TTXGP series is in Portland, it would be cool if MotoCzysz was somehow there.

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  • Richard Gozinya

    TTXGP has had a lot of problems, probably a big part of why Michael Czysz has mostly ignored it. The only track racing being done of much interest with electrics is Chip Yates, going up against ICEs. IOM, and Pike’s Peak, offer much better opportunities for electrics to play in a competitive arena. Who knows, maybe some day we’ll see an electric do the Iron Butt Rally.

  • Dawg

    This TT is going to be really exciting with these electric bikes almost certain to crack the Ton average speed. With Rutter and Mcguinness riding hopefully it will be down to the wire! or cable!! Would be a real shame for Michael if he missed out as he came so close last year.

    These bikes are looking amazing too. I love that left bar… how uncluttered is that? No clutch, just a grip. Are these electric bikes taking everything back to simple?

  • Bob

    Wake me up when the Segway hits 100 mph.

  • protomech

    @Dawg Not all of them are – the Brammo Empulse will offer a clutch and foot shifter as on an conventional gas motorcycle. Unlike a conventional gas motorcycle, Brammo says selecting alternate gears is somewhat optional – you can start in say 4th (say it tops out at 80) and stay in 4th all day long, only shifting down if you need more low-end acceleration or up if you need more top-end acceleration and maximum speed.

    But yes, the Zero S is very easy to ride and operate. No clutch makes slow riding and stop-and-go traffic an absolute breeze .. and no gearbox means one less component to fail.

    I fully expect to see the MotoCzysz, Lightning and Mugen bikes all fighting it out for the 100+ mph completion speed. I think the question is not whether it will be broken, but who will break it and by how much. TT Zero will be very interesting this year.

  • Westward

    Did not Mission Motors have some sort of association with Honda? I suspect the Mugen is the result of that cooperation, or Honda used them and went a different way with the technology…