Schwantz on Nicky Hayden

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In case you didn’t see this last MotoGP season, you may not have heard of the shenanigans going on in the Repsol Honda garage. With a very unhappy Nicky Hayden, and what has been described as an imaginary wall across the team’s garage, Nicky’s move to Ducati has been a welcomed change.

With most camps being cheeky as to the details that have surrounded the team falling outs, it is interesting to see what outsiders, who may have some more perspective, have to say about the whole thing. released a short article about Kevin Schwantz’s perspective on Nicky, but left a very telling quote for the end of the article. Click to see what he said.


Schwatnz praised Hayden´s attitude in his final season as a Honda rider, and predicted good things for the next chapter of his career, as a factory Ducati man.

It seems like his attitude has been really, really good. He wants to stay focused on having (Dani) Pedrosa behind him as much as possible. What I´m sure he is looking forward to is having a new bike and a team where his input is processed a little bit to make things better for him.

In the context of the article, this article, at least to us, adds further weight to the neglect Reposl gave to their number one rider. Just in-case you can’t read between the lines, Dani was the favorite son.


Maybe Repsol just likes riders who haven’t hit puberty.