Saturday at Qatar with Scott Jones

04/06/2013 @ 6:20 pm, by Scott Jones3 COMMENTS
  • SBPilot

    I always thought Dovi was a great rider, but never understood why he couldn’t perform on the factory Honda. But seems like he’s actually in his prime and what he’s doing on the Duc is great. So happy to see the Duc that high. Clearly the bike has improved tremendously since Hayden also seems to be doing better but Dovi really riding that thing well. Perhaps the new management really have began to tell the factory to listen to the riders.

  • Calisdad

    4 is Dovi’s magic number. He could quaify 4th on a Schwinn.

  • abahgiza

    dovi may not be the fastest rider, but he’s the kind of a source for the team to dig something. faster than test rider but has ability to perform like one, its like capirossi..i’ve seen Bradl is heading his future like wise